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Kansas City Personal Training - Steven Stollenwerk at Hitch Fit Gym

Steven Stollenwerk – Hitch Fit Gym – Kansas City Personal Training


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  1. S. Exercise Science

National Strength and Conditioning Association-Certified Personal Trainer


My Name is Steven Stollenwerk. I was born in Kansas City but grew up in Richmond MO and lived there for nearly 15 years. When I graduated high school, I had no idea what I was going to do at all. My friends had moved away and I didn’t know whether or not I would go to college. I decided to start attending MCCKC Blue River and Maple Woods using my A+ credits I earned in high school. Even then I struggled with school and still did not know what my path was. After my first semester, I enrolled in a bodybuilding course. This is when I began my journey into fitness.

Growing up, I was always the smallest kid and because of this, I was always extremely shy and had no confidence in myself. I was basically my own worst enemy, always keeping myself down. My senior year I was 5’8” and 125lbs and I absolutely hated it. As I started working out, my confidence in myself and my abilities began to grow. Still I struggled with school and struggled to find my way. It wasn’t until I learned that I could actually study exercise and nutrition when I realized what I wanted to do, nearly 2 years into my schooling. After I finished my associate degree, I transferred to the University of Central Missouri which has one of the best Kinesiology departments in the Midwest. There is when I really started to flourish. My 1st semester in the program, I went from having a 2.0 GPA and not caring too much about my studies to a 3.6 GPA and making the Dean’s List for outstanding academic achievement. To top it all off, I had gained nearly 30lbs since my senior year and was the strongest, both mentally and physically, I had ever been. Needless to say, for the first time in a long time I was feeling pretty good about myself and what I had achieved.

Since I graduated in 2013, I have worked and experienced many avenues of the health and wellness field. I performed my internship with Western Missouri Medical Center’s Cardiac Rehab department where I worked with patients suffering from heart disease, stroke, heart transplant, etc. I have worked with students with physical and mental handicaps to help teach exercise. I have been personal training and also working in corporate wellness. I also recently had the opportunity to be a part of KU Medical Center Alzheimer’s research study that was studying the effects of exercise on those with degenerative brain disease.

If you are ready to make a change then let me help guide you on your journey. I cannot promise that things will be easy but I can promise if you put in the effort and stay dedicated, together, we can get you the results you are looking for. There is never a better time to start than today.

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