How do I get in shape after 50?

How do I get in shape after 50? Well, Beth found the answer at Hitch Fit!

She regained strength, improved balance and dropped body fat through her

Fit over 50 Transformation

Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Personal Trainer Steven Stollenwerk

how do i get in shape after 50

Beth’s before and after Fit over 50 Weight Loss Stats:
Starting weight: 152
Ending weight: 124.8
Starting body fat: 31.5%
Ending body fat: 17%
Inches lost at waist: 5.25″
Inches lost at hips: 6″

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How do I get fit after 50? That was the question that Beth wanted an answer to. After going through menopause left her with higher body fat, lower strength and less balance than she wanted. She came to Hitch Fit hoping to find a solution, and that is exactly what she discovered! Beth learned how to eat and how to exercise in order to make incredible changes to her body after the age of 50. Great job Beth!
Beth’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:
“I was skeptical when I first met with Steven about I would have any success with losing weight, especially at my age. I also wanted to gain back strength I lost after menopause and improve my balance, both of which had deteriorated when I turned 50. Steven guided me and kept me motivated, and to my surprise(did I mention that I was skeptical?) I started to lose weight. The best part was that I was losing fat, but still maintaining my lean(muscle) weight. I looked and felt healthy. Besides the weight (and new wardrobe!), I’m stronger and have much better balance. I feel the best I have in years!”

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