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    Hitch Fit Gym is Northland City’s Number ONE Gym of Transformations. If transforming your life and body are your goals you have come to the right place! Hitch Fit Gym personal trainers are MORE than trainers, they are TRANSFORMERS. Our number one focus is transformation. We do not have a retention based business model, our goal is not to try to get clients to sign up for training, and then try to keep them coming back forever. The goal is to teach clients how to BELIEVE in themselves, provide them the tools to TRANSFORM their bodies, and after the education process they can go out and INSPIRE people to make positive changes in their own lives!

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    We work with people of all ages, all fitness levels, and all fitness goals. We work with men, women and children. We work with clients who have anywhere from 10 – 100+ pounds to lose, we work with clients who need to get in better shape to save their lives, as well as clients who are already in a good place and want to get to a great place! We work with clients who need to just get moving and more active, all the way to those who are wanting to compete in physique competition. As of January 2017, Hitch Fit has aided clients in the Northland City area and globally (via online personal training through ) shed over 300,000 pounds of fat, and those numbers are growing daily!

    Parkville: 6264 Lewis St. Suite 107B, Parkville, Mo. 64152

    1 on 1 Transformation Personal Training 60 Minute Option Available – Couples Training Available

    No Gym Membership Fees – By Appointment Only – 12 – 16 Week Transformation Programs

    No Hard Selling – Stay Fit Programs Available – Nutrition Guidance provided at no additional charge

    Phone: 816-753-8900

    Email[email protected] or [email protected]

    Online Personal Training – (custom plans you follow on your own) 16 Programs to Choose from –


    Both facilities are private training studio. There are no gym membership fees. All clients work one on one with their trainer as they work together towards their fitness goals. Hitch Fit is focused on the one on one, personal experience, that is most effective for each client to get to their fitness goals.

    We have an outstanding team of Transformation Trainers at each Hitch Fit location. This is a team that is PASSIONATE about transformation. Check out profiles of our team of trainers HERE.

    Hitch Fit specializes in 12 or 16 week transformation programs (for those with weight loss goals greater than 40-50 pounds, the time to get to that goal in a healthy way will be a bit longer), for clients who commit to the transformation process, nutrition will be provided to you by your trainer. Without proper nutrition, the body will not change no matter how much training you do! It is a critical part of the process.

    We do not believe in fad diets, in quick fixes, in miracle pills, in dropping scale weight as fast as possible or cutting out food groups. We believe in teaching our clients how to eat, and educating them on the foods that they should be eating, in order that they not only attain their fitness goals, but can maintain them for a lifetime.

    Hitch Fit is a POSITIVE environment! We love our clients and want them to feel a part of our family!

    All one on one/couples training sessions are conducted at one of the Hitch Fit Gym location. Sessions are 30 minute or one hour in length. One on one training clients are asked to truly be ready for transformation before beginning! That is when you will get your best results, by being ready to embrace a fit and healthy lifestyle!

    We ask that one on one clients commit to a minimum of 2-3 sessions per week (can be more if you’d like), depending on budget and schedule availability. Minimum of 2 is requested in order for your greatest chance of success. This is not a retention system, but rather a system to get you where you want to be most efficiently.

    Check out SUCCESS STORIES of Hitch Fit Gym Transformations!

    For All Rates please CONTACT US! Call 816-753-8900 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected]

    You may write to the trainer of your choice via the contact information on their BIO page. It is noted on each trainer page which location they train at. Trainers do not cross over between gyms, they are each stationed at one or the other.

    In addition to One on One Personal Training, Hitch Fit offers Online Personal Training Programs worldwide at . Via the online training programs you will work directly with Hitch Fit co-founders and WBFF Pro athletes and World Champions Micah LaCerte & Diana Chaloux – LaCerte. Online training programs are done completely via email, there is no one on one consultation as online training is done on a global basis.

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