Couples Lose Weight Together

Jeff and Amanda got in amazing shape for their wedding day!

Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Personal Trainer Steven Stollenwerk


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Jeff’s Before and After Weight Loss Stats:
Starting Weight: 282
End Weight: 245
Starting Body Fat% : 29.7
End Body Fat%: 17%
Body fat lost: 42 pounds
Lean Body Mass: +5 pounds
Jeff’s Before and After Weight Loss Photos:

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wedding weight loss for couples

couples weight loss wedding

Amanda’s Before and After Weight Loss Stats:
Starting Weight: 145lbs
End Weight: 134.5lbs
Starting Body Fat%: 23.7%
Ending Body Fat%: 17%
Body Fat Lost: 11.5 pounds
Lean Body Mass: +3 pounds

Amanda’s Before and After Weight Loss Photos:

couples wedding weight loss parkville

lose weight as a couple

wedding weight loss plan

Amanda’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:
“Jeff and I have always been active people, but in late 2018 our health and fitness started to take a back seat to some major life changes, including moving across the country and starting new jobs. In addition, we were planning our wedding! We contacted Hitch Fit because we wanted to get into a routine to look and feel great for the wedding. We worked with Steven, who trained both of us twice a week, created routines for us to follow outside of our sessions with him, and crafted our meal plans. Steven did a wonderful job of motivating us the entire time. Thanks to Steven and Hitch Fit, Jeff and I both felt great on our wedding day!”

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Jeff’s Story and Hitch Fit gym Review:
When I met Steven, I had a single request: maximize fat-loss before my wedding. Steven delivered that and more. In 20 weeks, with Steven’s guidance and experience, I lost 42 pounds of fat. Steven has intense knowledge of nutrition, exercise performance, and he tailored the entirety of my program to meet my individual goals. I went into my wedding feeling healthy, fit, strong, and confident. Thank you Steven and Hitch Fit!

couples weight loss for wedding


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