Get Fit at 51

Kraig shed 39 pounds and 11% Body Fat at Hitch Fit Gym Parkville

Transformation by Hitch Fit Personal Trainer Steven Stollenwerk

Build muscle over 50

Kraig’s Fit at 51 Weight Loss Stats:

Starting body fat: 25%

Ending body fat: 13.9%

Pounds of Fat Lost: 39

Inches lost at stomach: 7

Inches lost at chest: 4.5

Kraig’s Before and After Fit over 50 Photos:

Get fit at 51

Lose 40 pounds over age 50

51 year old male weight loss

Get it done at 51 – Kraig’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:

How to get in shape over age 50

“For me, this was a journey that started about 7 years ago. At that point, I knew a lot of rage, betrayal and sadness.

I had finally reached a point where the pain and suffering was so great, that I knew I had to make a change.

That is when I turned to the work of Conscious Transformation. I created a vision to know freedom in my life. Conscious Transformation taught me that Freedom must first come from within and once I was able to cultivate and expand on that emotional state, I could create freedom on the outside.

Once my internal work was consistent and expansive, I decided it was time to work on the outside. Using the same vision of Freedom, I started to think about the things I wanted to do when my body was in an optimal state of health and well being. Things like running 8 miles. Hiking up a mountain if I wanted. Or simply walking to the mailbox with my shirt off. I wanted the freedom to be able to make the choice to do all these things. I just did not know how I was going to do it.

That is when I turned to Hitch Fit. I did not know anything about Hitch Fit other than the pictures that consisted of two incredibly in shape individuals on the side of a building. That is all I needed to see to know that Hitch Fit was a place where they talked the talk and walked the walk.

Fat Loss over 50 male

I contacted them via email. Within a few hours, I was contacted by Steven Stollenwerk. I had my first meeting with Steven and told him that I was ready to make a change and was willing to do what it took. I was looking for an accountability partner. Someone who was not going to show up with kid gloves.

Steven was that trainer. I named my goal as wanting to achieve a certain % of body fat. I never made it about weight. However, weight was very important in the process as it provided me a way to be able to measure my progress. If nothing else, it certainly helped in the assessment of my choices and if my choices were taking me towards my vision or somewhere else.

Steven put together a nutrition plan with examples and also provided a cardio tracker in order for me to log my work. Another added bonus, Steven gets to the gym at 5:00am, so it fit perfectly with my schedule.

There were challenges on the way but I can tell you that Steven never approached set backs or lack of progress with judgment. It was always from a place of support and ideas of what could be done to get results.

Overall the experience has been life changing. I have made a lifelong friend with Steven. I have made unexpected friends along the way as other trainers and individuals were there for their journey.

It was such a great experience that I am continuing on with my training with Steven as I decide what to create next. I even decided to get some new ink to celebrate several benchmarks along the way.

We are ALL capable of more than we think.”

Get Fit at 51 Male


Personal Trainer for men over 50

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