Lose 30 Pounds Through Pandemic

When Marie first stepped into Hitch Fit Gym Parkville with her husband Bobby, she knew she needed to make some changes. After seeing the gym and feeling the
Hitch Fit positive atmosphere, she knew she was in the right place! She and husband Bobby committed to changing their lives with the help of Hitch Fit Transformation Trainer Austin Stone. Marie lost 30 pounds, and Bobby lost over 50! This happened even through the COVID 19 shut down interrupted their transformation!

lose 30 pounds through pandemic

A note from Austin:
“One of the best parts about working with Bobby and Marie would have to be this very contagious energy, motivation and dedication to their transformation. Every time they came in, they came in ready to kick butt and have a great workout! They ate their food, did their cardio, made no excuses and really fell in love with the process, which was so much fun to watch. Even when the gyms shutdown for a period of time they came back not only stronger, but they also lost more weight! Talk about motivation. It’s been a real pleasure working with Bobby and Marie, great job guys!”
Marie’s Before and After Transformation Stats:
Beginning weight: 161
Ending weight: 131
Beginning body fat %: 30%
Ending body fat %: 18%
Stomach: over 7 inches lost
Marie’s Before and After pictures:

lose 30 pounds over age 40

lose weight over age 40 women

before after 30 pound weight loss

30 pounds lost over 40

Marie’s Transformation Story and Hitch Fit Review:

How to lose 30 pounds through pandemic

“By the summer of 2019 I was facing my own personal world pandemic. Several outbreaks of overloaded stress, working too much, loss of life, trying to be an attentive mom to two very active young boys, along with multiple other responsibilities.
The shutdown- I have never experienced anything like it, a nervous breakdown. I have always been able to cope through stressful situations. This meltdown made me feel so out of control. It took days and several prayers for me to recover and realize that I need to rebuild myself.
Phase 1 reopen- I went to a doctor, which I never do. I wanted to blame age or hormones on my issues and possibly find a magic pill to fix it all. Blood work was good, just same old advice, lose some weight, watch what you eat, get outside and exercise. I knew this already.
Phase 2 reopen- Find a gym. Community Centers are great for the day care and multiple activities for the kids, but I knew I needed focus time for me with no distractions. I knew that Hitch Fit was in Parkville, I walked by it several times going to the hardware store. It looked like a serious gym, a place where people who really know what they’re doing and focused on it. After walking in the door, Bobby, my husband was hooked. I am a strong person, but I knew I needed this support team to move forward. I felt accountable to do my part, so we agreed to start as soon as possible, which happened to be Dec 24th. Our trainer was excited and ready, even though it was a holiday.
Phase 3 reopen- Party! With the amazing support of the Hitch Fit family, our trainer, Austin, my husbands support at home and once again several prayer- WE accomplished it- Just what the doctor said, I lost weight, ate right, got outside and exercised!!! Those things in life that you have allowed yourself to do. Make your mind over to a new routine.
3 weeks away from completion transformation……Covid 19 pandemic occurred in the United States. The world shut down. I have never experienced anything like it. Physically, I was in the best shape I’ve been in 20 years. Mentally, I didn’t know how this would all work out, but with several prayers, I realized this would just be a shift in daily routines. We still worked out, using multiple items at home as equipment, ate right, got outside, cleaned out closets and I found a dress from our honeymoon 22 years ago that I will wear once again! Best of all, we spent some awesome family time together enjoying pets and home we have worked so hard for. I am now stronger than ever, both physically and mentally, ready to make the very most of this precious life I have been given. Hitch Fit is the magic pill.”

lose weight couples parkville

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