Life Changing 50 Pound Weight Loss

Bobby did not want to join Hitch Fit! But that all changed once he and his wife Marie started working with transformation trainer Austin Stone. Bobby has lost over 50 pounds of fat at age 49, his cholesterol has dropped significantly, and this dad of 2 is stronger and healthy. The transformation journey was even interrupted by the COVID 19 shut down, but that did not stop Bobby and Marie from continuing on with the healthy choices they learned at Hitch Fit, and finishing strong!

life changing 50 pound weight loss

A note from Austin:
One of the best parts about working with Bobby and Marie would have to be this very contagious energy, motivation and dedication to their transformation. Every time they came in, they came in ready to kick butt and have a great workout! They ate their food, did their cardio, made no excuses and really fell in love with the process, which was so much fun to watch. Even when the gyms shutdown for a period of time they came back not only stronger, but they also lost more weight! Talk about motivation. It’s been a real pleasure working with Bobby and Marie, great job guys!
Bobby’s Before and After Transformation Stats:
Beginning weight: 243
Ending weight: 188
Beginning body fat %: 21%
Ending body fat %: 12%
Stomach: over 8 inches lost
Bobby’s Before and After Pictures:

lose 50 pounds for 50

49 year old male loses 50 pounds

50 pounds lost life changing transformation

Bobby’s Life Changing 50 Pound Weight Loss Journey and Hitch Fit Review:
I did not want to join Hitch Fit!
My blood pressure was only 165/110. I was perfectly fine being slightly overweight at 243 pounds, with only 21% body fat and a petite stomach size of 44 inches. I was a former standout athlete, an old school jock from the 80’s. I knew how to workout and I sure didn’t need a personal trainer to tell me what to do.
Rewind to a year earlier. I woke up one morning to find a receipt taped to my bathroom mirror. It was a one year prepaid membership to a local gym and it was paid for by my wife! Was this actually a hint that I was a little out of shape after being married to her for 21 years? Either way, I was ready to prove her wrong! I was going to go to that gym and workout, lose weight, get ripped and prove to her that I could do all of this without a personal trainer. I think I went to that gym maybe 15 times that whole year. I sure showed her what I was capable of!
So now here I am, 49 years old and even more out of shape than I was back then. And now she wants to take me once again to another gym, Hitch Fit. Is this maybe another hint that she thinks I need to be in better shape???
Well I am happy to say that I am glad that I went to Hitch Fit with her that day last December. I still remember walking through the doors and being greeted by Diana and Micah. Then Marie and I were introduced to Austin, who was training one of his clients named “Magic Mike”. Mike looked to be in a little pain, but he still had the biggest smile on his face. He told us what a great place Hitch Fit was and all the progress he had already made in such a short period of time. We were both very impressed and wanted to get some of this transformation action.
The start of our transformation was also the most fun I have ever had working out in my life. Our 16 week program was put on hold 13 weeks in due to the pandemic. We had been counting down our weeks with a slight fear of how we would do once it ended and now we were thrown into it even sooner than expected and had absolutely no place to workout. At the end of the shutdown we came out even stronger and more confident in our skills we had learned regarding regular exercise and eating right.
It’s only been 5 months that we have been with Austin and Hitch Fit, but it has produced a lifetime of change, not only for us, but for our family as a whole. Our two little boys now have parents that look like “parents” rather than the grandparents.
My blood pressure is now 120/75 and my doctor freaked out when she saw me at my last physical. She told me that my wife and Hitch Fit saved my life. She said to “keep doing what you’re doing, because most people who were at where I was at the last time she saw me 6 months ago don’t do what I’ve done. They usually go the opposite direction and that’s never a good thing.”
The hardest part of this transformation was have to part with some really nice clothes, because nothing fits anymore except for my shoes. So now I will have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe and that will not be cheap.
As our trainer and mentor, Austin Stone, says “that’s not a bad problem to have!!”

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