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Austin Stone

Parkville Personal Trainer – Strength and Conditioning Coach – Kansas City Personal Fitness Trainer

Sports Specific for Young Athletes – Powerlifting Coach


Hitch Fit Transformation Personal Trainer Austin Stone

Strength and Conditioning Coach Austin Stone

Strength and Conditioning Coach Austin Stone

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Strength and Conditioning Coach for Young Athletes

Powerlifting Coach (Austin competes as a 100 KG Raw Lifter)

Weight Loss and Fitness Personal Trainer

Text or Call: 816-550-2659

Hi my name is Austin Stone. I come from a ranching and horse training background. So you’re probably asking, how did that lead me to Hitch Fit and helping others transform their lives? Well, the first reason is because I’ve gone through my own physical transformation and it has changed me so much, I wanted to pay it forward to others. You see, I was the skinny guy and had a lot of trouble putting on muscle mass. I knew that if I was going to achieve the changes I wanted it was going to take diligence and discipline. I finally made up my mind that I was tired of being where I was and wanted to give my body a chance to reach its full potential. I started my own transformation journey and haven’t turned back since. When I work with horses, I help them transform too, and I can tell you, that takes a lot of time and patience! I’m here because I love working with people, and I love seeing transformation occur.

Austin’s amazing build muscle transformation!

build muscle coach Parkville

Whether you are looking to build muscle, or want to lose body fat, I’m here and committed to helping you become the most fit and healthy version of yourself.

I also specialize in Strength and Conditioning coaching for young athletes in a variety of sports including baseball, soccer, football and power lifting. If you are a young athlete looking for someone to teach you proper technique and how to eat for optimal performance and for your greatest strength and leanness for your sport of choice, I can help! If you are a parent of a young athlete who is serious about improving performance, please contact me for information.

I am certified through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). If you work with me you can expect someone who cares about your success and will be a guide, mentor and friend throughout your transformation journey. If you’re ready to start, contact me today at 816-550-2659.

Get to know Austin in this interview!

Hitch Fit Transformation Trainer Austin Stone

Tune in now and get to know Hitch Fit Transformation Trainer Austin Stone! If you are ready to transform sign up now for a FREE consultation at www.hitchfitgym.com/contact#KansasCity #personaltrainer #HitchFit

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Check out Austin’s Transformations!

Strength and Conditioning for young athletes –

Young Athlete Sterling learning proper technique and how to build muscle with Coach Austin!

Shoutout to my client Sterling Scott Jr.! In his first 2 weeks of his bulking transformation he’s gained 4.5 pounds on the scale and has also dropped 1% body fat. His strength gains are really starting to pick up steam and he’s also making big strides with his technique. This dude is soaking everything in and working very hard, I’m excited to see what he accomplishes! Keep up the good work!#hitchfit #hitchfitgym #kansascitytrainer #parkvillepersonaltrainer #weightlosscoach #strengthtraining #musclebuilding #squats #deadlift #benchpress #fitness #hardwork #transformationcoach #powerlifting

Posted by Austin Stone on Thursday, May 23, 2019

Young athlete Veronica learning proper squat technique with Coach Austin!

My client Veronica is on fire! She’s 2 weeks into her transformation and she’s down 6 pounds, 2% body weight, already showing increases in muscle and her squats are starting to look really good. This girl has goals! #hitchfit #hitchfitgym #kansascitytrainer #parkvillepersonaltrainer #personaltraining #squats #benchpress #deadlift #powerlifting #kidswholift #hardwork #transformationcoach #musclebuilding #strengthtraining #weightlosscoach

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Ty learned proper weight lifting technique, built muscle and lost fat!

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Posted by Austin Stone on Saturday, April 27, 2019

Posted by Austin Stone on Saturday, April 27, 2019