Fitness Training for Busy Moms

Fitness Training for Busy Moms! Caroline is a mom of 2, who knew she needed to make a change to be in her best health.
Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Parkville Personal Trainer Austin Stone

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A note from Austin:
When I first met Caroline, I could tell right away that she was ready. She knew she needed to make changes and she was willing to do whatever it took to achieve her goals. Every time she came into workout she pushed herself, she started to enjoy doing cardio after work and stuck to the nutrition spot on. That’s all a trainer could ask for! I’ve enjoyed seeing what Caroline has been able to accomplish through this journey and excited to see what she accomplishes on down the road. Great job Caroline!!

Caroline’s Before and After weight loss Stats:

Beginning weight: 145.5
Ending weight: 128
Beginning body fat %: 20%
Ending body fat %: 14%
Stomach: 2.5 inches lost
Caroline’s Before and After Pictures:

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Caroline’s Transformation Story and Hitch Fit Review:

How to Get Fit as a Busy Mom

You hear so much about the role of a mother. Yes, it’s the most rewarding job I carry in this crazy thing called life, but it is also the hardest title I’ve ever carried. Once I had my second daughter, I kind of adopted the thought process of, “You’re so busy and on the go, you can eat whatever is available and fast. Also, exercise? Who has time for that?”.
I’ll be completely honest. I let myself go. I was consuming empty calories that just contributed to making me feel tired and run down. As I put more weight on than I ever have, I started avoiding mirrors, wearing baggy clothing, and becoming increasingly disappointed in what I was turning into.
Once I went through every excuse in the book trying to justify the way I felt and look, I decided I was the only person that could make the change.
Browsing Facebook, I noticed a friend of mine making changes for the better in her life. Looking more into what she was doing, I noticed she was working with a trainer, Austin Stone, at Hitch Fit Gym in Parkville. I knew this particular friend of mine was about a hundred times busier than I am. She also has a family, a job, and has multiple rental properties she manages. I decided to see what Hitch Fit was all about to see if it was a fit for me.
After meeting with Austin for our initial consultation, I knew I was the only thing standing in my way to getting back to a healthier life-style. I just had to make the choice to drop all the excuses and make my health a priority.
One week in, I could feel a difference in the way I felt. I had more energy to keep up with the demands of being a working mama and more mental clarity at work.
One of the things I really appreciated about Hitch Fit was how Austin took the time to teach me about each muscle group I was working and the correct way to do each exercise. Having a history of gym anxiety made me really appreciate how he took the time to properly teach me the correct technique and form for each exercise.
I’d be a liar if I said my transformation was a breeze. There were tough days. Days where I wanted to give up and throw in the towel. These days I was most thankful for the accountability that Hitch Fit provided. Each and every individual involved with Hitch Fit, whether it be a trainer or a fellow Hitch Fit client, wanted to see me succeed.
Hitch Fit made me realize what being “fit” is about. Yeah, it’s great to like the way you look, but being fit has turned into a lifestyle I crave. I have never felt so good in my life and my body is thanking me for it.
Last but not least, it has become a “norm” in our home to take time to exercise, to move. Before starting my transformation it was get home from work, feed the kiddos, eat whatever was convenient, and go to bed. Now, my six year old says, “what kind of exercise are we doing tonight?” and she joins me in doing so.
I had the keys to get it done and succeed at doing so. I had a supportive fiance, two great kids, a awesome trainer (Austin), and two good friends who inspired me to start the process (Marie and Bobby).
I’m so glad I gave myself the chance to take this opportunity because it’s truly become a new lifestyle for myself and my family.”

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