Kansas City Personal Training Client Gets Six Pack Abs at Hitch Fit!
Kansas City Personal Training Client Gets 6 Pack at Hitch Fit

“As these last 16 weeks comes to a close, I reflect back on an amazing journey. First of all I would like to thank the whole Hitch Fit crew for an amazing support group. You see…..ever since I’ve been out of the military, I thought I was “fit.” I knew how to lift. I knew how to run. But as the years passed….for the life of me I couldn’t figure out my diet!! It was the true definition of insanity. Doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. Carbs are bad, right? So I cut them back. More protein…..low carbs. Easy enough. Still go out on the weekend and drink…..just lift more on Monday to make up for it. Pizza…..cheeseburger…..its ok right? Just lift twice the next day! That was my thought process. Just keeping the “bad stuff” in moderation. Nothing ever really changed though.

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Oh my ego was feed with comments like, “You’re a big guy Jay.” I remember how much I hated seeing pics of me at a pool….or with my shirt off. I looked like a meat-head! lol Not athletic. Not in shape. Just beefy! I HATED that!! So one day I just made the call(or text actually). “I want to get serious with this.” My trainer had me come in…..map out my goals and our plan of attack. Then he put me through a seemingly simple circuit training to see where I was at. Well, we started out with 4 sets in mind…..needless to say we only got through 3. I remember laying on the couch at Hitch Fit Gym exhausted!!! Lips were numb. lol. It was a true awakening. I was out of shape!!! Sure, I could “lift” and move weights…..but that was it. He put in place a simple but very effective diet. As the weeks progressed…..meeting with AJ every Tuesday morning….weighing and checking my body fat…….I noticed that both the lbs and my body fat % kept dropping. Week in and week out…..it dropped. It was working. I was getting leaner. I had more energy. I just felt overall better!!! I’ve since dropped 20lbs and 12% body fat! Its still odd for me to think of myself as “the ripped guy.” I remember hearing one of the great body builders say, “I’d rather miss a work-out instead of a meal.” That never really made sense til now. Its ALLLLL about the diet!!! For all of you out there that are even thinking about a healthier lifestyle……all it takes is an email. You’ve got the very best in the world at your service!! I can’t truly thank you enough. I look forward to seeing where we can take this.”


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