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Summer Body Transformation

My Hitch Fit Transformation Story

Hi! I have read many Hitch fit transformation stories by now and let me tell you finally getting here feels amazing! My story is similar to others, very athletic youth even through my mid twenties but what killed me after 30 was my poor diet!

A little back story about me. My family and I are passionate motorcyclists. I learned to ride ATVs at a young age and began riding motorcycles at 15. Competed in my 1st motocross race at 16 and I was hooked. Our family spent the majority of our time for 3 years traveling the Midwest racing amateur motocross over many states. I’ve always felt Motocross brought a level of intensity that I still bring to my work outs today. I moved on from racing for many reasons but two big ones being, money and health, (it was hard on the body) Though I never quit riding bikes of some sort. I found a new love by my mid twenties and that was stunting motorcycles! It was a lot of fun too and getting to show off was a part of what I loved about it.

Summer Body Transformation at Hitch Fit

All of this time I had kept up with a mid level of fitness, going from the 130s and when I got lazy up to the low 140s. Working out didn’t interest me and without racing motocross any longer I wasn’t getting the level of exercise I needed. Not to mention a bad diet throughout it all.

When My space became popular I stumbled across Micah Lacerte’s page. I would read his stories, his positive comments, and the great pictures, I wished to have that kind of motivation! Later after Facebook became the main social media I messaged Diana about getting fit. She was super nice and responded to me quick! I made excuses at the time about not having the money to start anything. So I just kept on doing the same things, eating whatever I wanted, and running a few miles a week.

Fast forward to last year, June 4th 2012. I got up early that day to take a motorcycle ride 2 hours to Bultler Mo. Skydiving was my plan for that day but I was derailed by a passing car. I hit a mid sized sedan at approximately 40mph and was thrown over 4 lanes, in downtown Kansas City, landing on the side walk across the street. It was the scariest moment of my life and I thank God also the angel riding with me that day for saving my life. I had crashed many times before in motocross or stunts gone wrong, but never like this. Luckily with no internal injuries I was healed in a few months but mentally it really set me back. Depressed and tired I felt everyday after the accident, hitting a awful low by October last year. Finally reaching 150 lbs, there was nothing holding me back physically but myself. So when I saw a picture of me taken at a festival, that was the eye opener. Not recognizing myself anymore, I hated my body. My cloths didn’t fit, and up until that time I had just kept buying bigger jeans!

Summer Body Transformation Before and After

November 2011 I joined Golds Gym North and started going regularly. My fiancés family had a trip planned for the Dominican in January and I was determined to look good on the beach. So I worked hard for those few months and got down to the low 140s on my own. A friend of mine at the time was going through a huge transformation with Hitch Fit. He was a great inspiration to me. Like a sponge I soaked up any bits of advice and workout info he would give. I was excited to see someone I knew go through the transformation. By early summer I had platued with my progress. Even though I had pushed myself pretty hard physically, without the proper diet changes I was going no where.

One night my fiancé were enjoying a treat at Cold Stone Creamery, and wouldn’t you know it I ran into a Hitch Fit trainer who I recognized! Like a crazed fan I just went right up to them both and said, “I KNOW YOU GUYS!” I explained to them I had been following Hitch Fit for years and told them I had went to see the WBFF show at the Midland in May. I signed up the very next week!”

It was tough! His diet was no frills and 100% focus! No messing around and tough love! He knew for me it was mental. The foods that I was used to having at my whim were the hardest to let go of. Bread and milk, oh how I did miss that, but slowly week after week it got better. I learned how to overcome those wants and traded in many foods for healthier options. I loved the work outs, the challenges were always fun for me. Looking forward to every Wednesday and Saturday morning he would push my limits. The prowler almost got me one morning I remember almost losing my breakfast! But through it all, the biggest challenge for me was overcoming the mental challenge of the meal plan.

I took a break for a few weeks during the program to visit family in Canada. I was lucky to have a kitchen and family that supported me during this time. Able to make meals while there and got to a gym daily, I didn’t miss a beat! Coming back and measuring just a little under where I had left off was very uplifting.

Learning how to live this for life is the greatest gift I could ever of received. It was worth all the money spent and more. The strength and energy I feel now is amazing. Thank you Micah, Diana, all the Hitch Fit trainers I’ve met along the way. HUGE thanks to my fiancé Greg that has supported me throughout this entire process. I have inspired him to get Hitch Fit and he is now training with Hitch Fit too.

Believe, Transform, Inspire those three words speak the truth. It took Believing in myself to reach the Transformation I had wanted for so long, allowing me to Inspire others to do the same for themselves.

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