Interested in losing fat?

This is achieved by either eating less calories or burning more calories through exercise. A healthy fat loss program strategy would implement both. Set a goal and then break that goal into smaller, more manageable objectives with reasonable timelines.

In order to manage your ideal weight you must adopt wholesome habits which will last a lifetime. Short-term diets that you cycle on and off again is not the answer to long term fat loss. You are more likely to find great success in doing it the right way through regular exercise, reducing your caloric intake, eating frequently, familiarizing yourself with portion/calorie counts, getting your body fat tested regularly, hold yourself accountable, and not letting an “bad” week turn into a huge rebound.

Keep in mind that losing 1 to 2 pounds per week on average is a healthy mount to strive for as you’ are more likely to keep it off. Also say focused on burning fat as opposed to “weight loss” which is synonymous with water weight in the weight loss system world.

Last but not least surround yourself with positive, supportive and like minded people. Connect with folks who are doing what you’re doing or have gone through this already. You must create and foster an environment that will put you in a position to succeed. Millionaires hang out with other millionaires!