Lose Fat and Build Muscle Over 40

Teri came to Hitch Fit to lose fat and build muscle. At 49, Teri achieved her goals with the help of Hitch Fit Transformation Coach in Parkville, Austin Stone

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Teri’s Before and After Fat Loss Stats:
Beginning weight: 108
Ending weight: 108
Beginning body fat %: 17%
Ending body fat %: 13%
Stomach: 3 3/4 inches lost
Teri’s Lose Fat and Build Muscle over 40 Before and After Pictures:

lose fat and build muscle over 40

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Teri’s Story and Hitch Fit Review:
“My story starts off a little different than most who have come to Hitch Fit in search of a leaner and healthier self. I was not called to action because of a life-threatening medical condition nor was I over weight [I’m 49 years old, 5’5” and 108lbs].

My journey with Austin at Hitch Fit was born from a conversation with my husband of twenty-two years who suggested that I needed to start working out. More specifically he recommended I contact Micah and Diane with Hitch Fit (they had recently opened a new gym in Parkville) — they would help me get back into shape.

I recall repeating his words to myself and thinking: did I really just hear “help you get back into shape”? And so, at ludicrous-speed, I slammed past denial and went straight to angry! I am an active person; a healthy eater (not big on candy/sweets & no soda pop) and I definitely did not consider myself to be out of shape. Spoiler alert … I was wrong.

I spent the next week coming up with excuses and then finally reached the plateau – acceptance. Nothing bad could possibly come from starting a fitness program. What was I afraid of? Why not get back into shape? And so, I went to the Hitch Fit website, completed the online form and anxiously awaited a call from one of the trainers. That same day I got a call from Austin Stone and here I am!

The Hitch Fit atmosphere is energetic and purposeful – everyone there is there because they want to be. I too wanted to be there. Actually, I liked being there so much (subconsciously) I did not press myself to establish a timeline to reach my goals. I didn’t really think it was that important. Again – I was wrong.

Day 1 with Austin was spent taking the dreaded before photos which I dismissed as soon as we began talking about my fitness goals: gain healthy weight, while decreasing body fat and increasing muscle mass. Yes, stronger. Interestingly enough Austin has this t-shirt that says “Strong Like Bull”. Given my petite stature and strong spirit (or bull-headedness??), he joked that my shirt would say “Strong Like Little Bull”. This became a mantra for me as I was undoubtedly seeking pure strength from this experience and so this served as positive reinforcement of my goals.

I was committed to working out with Austin twice per week but honestly my travel schedule, holidays, vacations, summer camp and multiple minor injuries incurred outside of the gym often got in the way. Austin adapted my meal plans and work-outs accordingly. He has an incredible work-ethic when it comes to training sessions: always challenging me to push myself to the next level yet attentive to my form and energy level. He’s got a great sense of humor. My workouts were never dull or boring; some actually lead to genius insightfulness. For example, towards the end of my work out on Jan 1st, Austin proclaimed that 2019 would be a year when everything finally comes together. Could he be right? I sure hope so!

Six months later I find myself complaining about not seeing the same results that others were experiencing. I was definitely getting out-paced. Austin and Micah reminded me that I had very different goals. Most were trying to lose weight where I was trying to gain weight. I was not 100% on the meal plan- Ugh. I needed a kick in the butt! After all — that which is not measured, does not get done. Austin and I agreed on a mid- October date for my “after photos”. And with that, I got serious!

To my husband, thank-you for recommending Hitch Fit. Austin, Micah and Diana, thank-you for investing your time, talents and more in the Hitch Fit program.

I am super proud of my accomplishments and stronger than ever – strong like little bull! I guess Austin was right — 2019 was the year when everything finally came together.”

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