End Stress Eating and Get in Great Shape

Cormac wanted to end stress eating and get in great shape when he first started at Hitch Fit. After going through challenges, he knew he was ready to take control and get in amazing shape for life, but also to play Varsity Lacrosse! He succeeded at both goal with Hitch Fit Transformation Coach Austin Stone!

get in shape for lacrosse

Cormac’s Before and After 20 Pounds Lost Stats:
Beginning Weight: 243
Ending Weight: 223
Beginning Bodyfat %: 22%
Ending Bodyfat %: 14%
Stomach: 3 inches lost
Cormac’s Before and After Weight Loss Pictures:

end stress eating and get in great shape

get in shape stop stress eating

lose 20 pounds teenage weight loss

Cormac’s Transformation Story and Hitch Fit Review:
“Way back many years, I underwent some tough challenges in my life. These challenges caused me to develop unhealthy habits that set me back in almost every way. One of these unfortunate habits was stress eating. I would eat at any chance I got. I didn’t care or get how nutrition worked. I steadily gained weight and the summer before my experience at Hitch Fit, I was at my worst.

Once I decided to get into the program I learned how to workout but also how to eat.

These were things I was never able to learn before then. After many months of working with Austin, I was able to notice real changes in my life not only physically but mentally and emotionally.

I have been able to become a more confident and physically sound person.

I know that if I had but been with Austin then I would not be even close to where I am now.
This experience has meant everything to me and I will forever remember it as the time my life flipped for a better path.”

Need to end stress eating and get healthy?

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