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When identical twins, Amanda and Abbie, came into Hitch Fit, I knew they were going to be a ton of fun! Their work ethic in the gym and attention to detail with nutrition propelled each of them to achieve amazing results. I am SO PROUD of each of them as they had a goal and worked toward it every single day. Looking forward to watching them continue on their fitness journey. Today we are sharing Amanda’s story, so watch for Abbie’s next!!!

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Start: June 4th, 2013 at 139.6 lbs and 29.03% body fat
Finish: September 18th at 132.8 lbs and 18.46% body fat
“I started my transformation in June of 2013, just after my wedding. I did Hitch Fit with my best friend and twin sister Abbie. We do everything together and I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it through without her. I heard a lot about hitch fit on Facebook, I saw a couple of my other friends doing it, so I wanted to give it a shot! I saw Sara and new for some reason she would be the perfect trainer for Abbie and I. Before I started hitch fit I was always on a diet and always exercising, but I was never getting the results I was really looking for. I started getting frustrated, but I knew I could do better, I just needed to be educated a little more. I spent the last year trying to buckle down and diet for my wedding, but I was doing it all wrong, I would try different things all the time, fasting until 1pm, no carbs at all, small meals, limited amount of calories, no alcohol, none of them worked!!! After my first week with Sara, my first workout and going through the week without having a cheat meal, I realized where I was going wrong! I felt so much better on Monday starting the week off feeling great instead of lousy, no food hangover or alcohol hangover from my cheat day which usually turned into a cheat WEEKEND!
I was so excited to start Hitch Fit, it was exactly what I needed after coming back from 2 weeks in Las Vegas, I was eating so bad and not really exercising at all!!
I have always been big into working out, especially with trying new things. I wanted to feel and see my body change and I knew after my first week it was gonna happen!
Sara was the perfect trainer for Abbie and I. For me I feel I do better when someone compliments me, tells me when I am doing something well! Sara was always positive, never ever negative!!! She was exactly what I needed, she pushed me to my limits with our workouts, but always motivated and encouraged me to get through them…which is exactly what I needed. I could text or call her anytime about food choices or advice on certain things. We even worked out together outside of the gym for extra cardio.
I loved doing the transformation with Abbie, we got to spend time together and it was fun!
The hardest part was the diet at first, I had a hard time choosing proteins as I don’t eat red meat, chicken etc. Sara helped us both choose things we could eat as substitutes, the diet just got easier and easier…and after my diets in the past this felt like no diet at all. I got to eat carbs, and I got to eat every 3 hours!! Finally I had energy!!
I didn’t lose a ton of inches or a ton of weight, but I did lose a substantial amount of fat%. I could see the changes each week but when Sara took some photos “just for fun” at Hitch Fit I was amazed at how much I had transformed! This is exactly what I wanted, to be more lean and healthy and to diet and exercise the right way.
Abbie and I took our transformation photos on Wednesday September the 18th. I was very nervous at first, but when I saw Abbie in her transformation clothes I got excited because she looked so good! I am so happy and thankful to the hitch fit team especially my trainer, Sara, you are amazing!! I am so excited to keep this up and to keep going!”
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