Jessica Finishes the Summer with an AMAZING Bikini Bod in just 12-weeks!

When Jessica first came into Hitch Fit, she already had a great workout routine down! She was able to build on that foundation, focus on adding in strength training with heavy weights and paired all of that with proper nutrition to finish a 12-week program losing 9.6 lbs and 8.63% in body fat! Her dedication and focus was unwavering through the entire transformation… I am so proud of her and am excited to share her story!
Start: April 30th, 2013 at 137.6 lbs and 27.31% body fat
Finish: August 18th, 2013 at 128 lbs and 18.68% body fat
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“I first met Sara when I got the Groupon for Hitch Fit. I was already pretty active and enjoyed trying new workout places around the city. I would try something for a few months, really like it, then get burnt out and try something new. Nothing seemed to really make an impact and stick. Sara and I seemed to get together pretty well after a few sessions and she really kicked my butt! When it came time to decide if I wanted to continue on I took about a week to really think about what I wanted. I thought about what Sara had said about wanting to help me reach my goals and how it encompassed nutrition and her really pushing me. It was a big commitment and I knew that I would really need to put my all into this. It would be really tough and I would be held accountable each week to her. I hate letting people down and that’s one of the reasons why I decided to continue my “transformation” with Sara. I had not been in a position where a goal was set and I was held accountable to someone since I played high school sports really. It felt like a challenge and I wanted to show her (and myself) I could do it.
The hardest part for me was meal planning. I always ate well and knew to avoid sodas and fast food, but really taking a deep dive into what (and how much) I was putting into my body really surprised me. I loved building on top of what I already knew about working out and Sara made sure I always left knowing I had a good workout…and covered in sweat.
I had a TON of questions, some probably a little ridiculous, but Sara was always available and answered all of them. After a few weeks everything seemed to really come together and I could see a difference in my energy level when I was working out and how much stronger I felt week by week. I was excited to see little changes here and there that ultimately lead to exceeding my goal.
When it came time for my final measurements and weigh-in I was extremely nervous. I wanted to show myself and Sara that I had worked hard and learned from everything she had taught me. When she told me my final measurements I was beyond excited that I had exceeded my goal! It is so hard to describe what a great feeling it is to know you exceed even your own expectations. You’re happy, overwhelmed, and fulfilled all at the same time. But one of the best feelings is to know that it isn’t over; this experience was something that you accomplished (with the help of a great coach).
I can’t thank Sara enough for helping me (and really pushing, sometimes) to exceed what I thought I could do. I have learned so much from her and I know I will continue to build off of what I discovered about myself while with her.”
*Photos by Brandi Wisdom, BNW Photography
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