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8 moths ago, i decided I wanted to compete in my first competition and not only compete, but actually place in the top 10.I knew it would be a tough challenge but I was up for the task. I’m a personal trainer myself but I knew I needed to look beyond that and go to someone that has experienced being on stage, is a pro competitor and knows exactly what I need to do! So I called up my good friend and mentor Mr. James Hanton, aka Juan Pablo. This guy not only tranforms people’s lives but transforms himself. He’s a machine and definitely someone to look up to. I have always been active and played sports all my life but this is completely different and something that was going to be a challenge for me.

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A couple years ago I fell into a depression and gave into temptations of food and pleasure and gained the most amount of weight I’ve ever been. I was 245lbs! That’s right! I told myself that If I could transform then, then I can surely transform again only this time I would need some support and guidance. Thank you James for doing just that! James was my go to guy. My hard work and and achievements attribute to him. Everyone needs accountability! Professional athletes need accountability. trainers need accountability. The amount of hours I put into my training myself and with james for this competition seemed endless. The amount of food I ate in a day was astonishing, 7 meals everyday, at least a gallon of water in the beginning , then 2 gallons by the turning point of my competition.

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My mindset on nutrition is alot different now than ever and I love eating, but eating the right stuff! I dieted for 6 months! That’s a long time but the funny thing about it was that it was fun! I knew that I was being held accountable and that I would be measured every week so I didn’t want to cheat myself and look bad! Plus I knew that I was going to be on stage soon. Thank you James for holding me to it! I would say that the challenges wern’t the amount of weight I was pushing or pulling, but it was the cardio and the sprints on the track everyday. After training whether it was doing dropsets or whatever, the last thing I would want to do is go to the track and run sprints or do bleachers,but I knew once again I had to be held accountable.
8 months later, I was on the stage for the very first time at the Wbff Kansas City Show, placed in the top 5 and happier than I’ve ever been. James, thanks for holding me accountable and I look forward to stepping on stage with you one day.

Bryan- Kansas City

Bryan & James