Fit and Fab at 54

Fit and Fab at 54: Prissy came to Hitch Fit to build muscle and drop some body fat. She teamed up with Hitch Fit Coach Eric Reynolds to achieve her fitness goals!

fit and toned over 50

Prissy’s Before and After Stats
Weight: 114 lbs (down from 121 lbs)
Body Fat: 14.81% (down from 18.49%)
Waist: 24.5” (down from 26.5”)
Hips: 35” (down from 36.25)
Prissy’s Before and After Fit and Fab at 54 Photos:

fit and fab at 54

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tone up over 50

fitness females over 50

Prissy’s Story

My name is Prissy and I am an active 54 years old. Prior to coming to Hitch Fit I worked out on my own lifting weights, running, taking some classes at a gym, but was not seeing the results I wanted. In May, 2020 I submitted a request for more information and was contacted by Eric.

When I signed up my expectations were high and I was committed to the program. My goal was to reduce my body fat, develop more muscle, and get toned. I am a clean eater so the nutrition plan Eric provided me was easy to follow. The plan did require me to eat more throughout the day than I was accustomed to doing. I learned about eating the right foods at the right time of day. It was helpful for me to do my meal prep on Sundays so I had my food ready for work and in the evenings.

My favorite workout is the “red hill.” I like it because it is outside and challenges me. Also, I am a fan of any triceps exercises. As I continued to train with Eric I noticed I was developing more muscle and he assured me to not worry about the scale, but it has been something I measured my success by in the past. Eric knew I like to run races so when I was training he would tailor my workouts to coincide with how many miles I was running. He would also check to see about my food plan on those days.

As we are experiencing COVID-19 and the variant, working and training at times has been difficult mentally, but the workouts were a great break from the stress of my job. They allowed me the time to focus on my health.

In March, 2021 Eric and I discussed getting me the online Bikini Model Plan. Diana provided me with a new meal plan that was easy to follow, too. She provided the complete workout plan that I would do when I was not training with Eric. I shared a weekly update with her so she could track my progress.

I feel great and am looking forward to the next challenge!

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