Get in Great Shape for 50

Get in great shape for 50

A note from Hitch Fit Trainer Tara:

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Dana’s Weight Loss Progress in 12 Weeks:
Total Losses:
Body fat – 10.1%
Weight – 16 pounds.
Inches – 6
Dana’s Before and After Fit for 50 Photos:

weight loss for women at 50

get in great shape for 50

how to lose weight at age 50

Dana’s Get in Great Shape for 50 Story:
“My fitness journey really began in my early 40’s. I was at least 40 pounds overweight and miserable. I was active in my younger day while participating in the sports of gymnastics and cheer leading. But once those activities ceased and I became a mom, I let myself go like many do. I wasn’t intentional with my time and all aspects of my life were falling apart. I was failing myself.

Thankfully, I started making myself a priority and got my life back on track. I joined a local gym and started exercising on a regular basis and dropped 25 pounds on my own…but I still didn’t like the way that I looked and felt. I knew my nutrition needed to improve…but I also knew that I needed some professional guidance if I was going to continue to improve.

At the beginning of 2018, I found the Hitch Fit website and after reading through the success stories from others-I knew completing one of their programs was going to be a good fit for me. I committed in 2018 and reached a level of fitness that I never thought was possible. I experienced success in 2018 and dropped 15 more pounds (it’s amazing how our bodies can transform when we fuel our bodies appropriately). I gained nutritional knowledge that I still follow today, but I also know I am one that needs to be pushed in the gym to get the results that I so desire. I am also one who needs the accountability by having a personal trainer/coach that I meet with on a regular basis so I don’t move back to my old habits.

I really enjoyed the process of working with Hitch Fit!

I am now a Hitch Fit client for life. If I get to a place where I am unhappy and need the accountability…I always have Hitch Fit.

Even though I’ve finished my most recent transformatio. At the age of 50, it’s hard…but with dedication, discipline and the right coach by my side…I won’t slide back to my old habits. Being 50 fit and fabulous is where I want to be! Now it’s time to set some new fitness goals!

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