Fit and Strong at 63

Fit and Strong at 63. Bonnie completely changed her life around when she realized she had lost her healthy self and found herself in the midst of health issues. She began making healthy choices, and came to Hitch Fit to get the best shape of her life at 63!

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fit and strong at 63

Bonnie’s Fit and Strong at 63 story:

“I am 63 years old and I am in the best shape of my life.

The journey to get here has been long and difficult, but worth every step.

I had always been extremely fit and healthy thru my 20’s 30’s and 40’s. Spending hours a day in the gym, walking running biking skiing water and snow. All while raising four children.

Starting in my early fifties I noticed I was getting angry at the slightest annoyance.

I started to put on weight. I had high blood pressure I was smoking and drinking while quite depressed and disengaged from life. I never forgot my old healthy self and wanted that back. After some searching, I found a Dr who would prescribe hormone replacement for my menopausal symptoms. I felt like myself again. I stopped smoking and drinking, and my highest weight was 187 pounds.

I lost 63 pounds exercising and eating better. I lost 47 pounds before starting with Hitch Fit, and I was able to carve off another 12 pounds in twelve weeks. The experience at Hitch Fit helped me to have fun in the gym again. I elevated my workouts to a more serious life changing level where I am building muscle and still losing fat.

My blood pressure has returned to normal and I know longer take medication. I feel better than I have ever felt.

What I have learned through all of this is to be more tolerant and less judgmental.

If you know someone who’s having a hard time direct them to help, medical spiritual or counseling.

A medical checkup can easily identify medical issues that may cause weight loss to be difficult or behavioral problems. Don’t give up on yourself, always believe in your capabilities and gifts. And use them, share them with the world, you never know whose life you might change or even save.

Surround yourself with fit healthy people. Find a role model and mentor. Your health is not an expense but an investment. Hire professionals like the trainers at Hitch Fit for support and for the best results.”

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