Accountability and Extra Push to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Coach Austin Stone

Need accountability and an extra push to reach your fitness goals? That’s what Sam found at Hitch Fit Gym with the help of Coach Austin Stone! She committed to the Hitch Fit process and achieved her goals, and has now set new ones!

A note from Coach Austin: “It’s been a true enjoyment working out with Sam. She shows up every workout ready to crush whatever the day might bring! Not only do the picture speak volumes for what she accomplished during this process, but her strength and confidence in her abilities has grown a lot as we’ve been working out as well. Sam quit making the excuses that use to hold her back and now the sky is the limit! Great work Sam!”
Sam’s Before and After Transformation Stats:
Beginning weight: 176
Ending weight: 170
Beginning body fat: 24%
Ending body fat: 20%
Stomach: 3 inches lost
Sam’s Before and After Transformation pictures:

lose weight gym parkville

weight loss goals parkville

tone up parkville

Sam’s Transformation Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:

“I joined Hitch Fit because I needed that extra push to help me reach my goals, and I was able to accomplish just that!

During the fall of my senior year of college I tore my ACL & meniscus and ended up having 3 knee surgeries during my last two semesters. My senior year was mentally & emotionally exhausting and it was hard to take care of myself physically. My weight ballooned to the 200’s.

I lost my confidence & I was mentally exhausted all the time.

Jump forward after graduation, I moved to Kansas City to start my career. During that time I focused on my job over my health & well being. When January of 2019 hit, I decided to make a change. I wanted my confidence back. So, in 2019 I made some food changes, joined some challenges, and tried to make the best of it!

It definitely worked but the results were short lived. At the end of 2019 I realized I gained most of the weight back and lost my progress. So I told myself 2020 would be different, enough of the excuses let’s get this done!

Well, of course 2020 was a whirlwind of challenges but I pushed on. I made some great progress in the beginning then realized I didn’t have the knowledge or expertise to push forward effectively/efficiently any further.

I needed professional intervention to help reach my overall goals and I knew my goals were so close! I did tons of research of gyms & trainers in the KC area and found Hitch Fit. I connected really well with their purpose, structure, and coaches. I needed guidance & mentorship on macros, proper lifting form, and learning an all around healthier lifestyle.

During my program I ended up having some major life changes too like changing jobs, buying a car, and moving apartments. Yet I pushed on because as I told myself in the beginning of 2020, no more excuses!

Overall, I feel like I had the perfect support coaching me through this process. I learned to not only take ownership of my actions, but to make my health & happiness my priority. I surrounded myself with a great support system and thoroughly trusted the process. I ended up gaining so much confidence in my physical & mental self that I decided to take this a step further to stay on & do their Fitness Model Program next! My next goal is to possibly compete one day.

If you’re tentative on financially investing in yourself take a second to add up all of the frivolous expenses that you’re spending weekly, if not daily. How much is that drive-thru coffee costing you? Those few extra drinks going out to dinner each week? I know I was guilty of many expenditures that I could have put towards a gym membership. So I changed my spending habits and focused on investing in myself for the long term.

No one can do this for you and each day you wait to change you’re just getting later. I never once regretted a workout, some days were especially hard but I made them happen and the results speak for themselves!”

accountability and extra push to achieve fitness goals

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