Vegetarian Weight Loss Training Plan

Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park Personal Trainer Amanda Minter

vegetarian weight loss training plan

A note from Hitch Fit Transformation Trainer Amanda Minter:

There are just not enough words to explain this gorgeous lady. Suzie went from never lifting a weight in her life to throwing 20 lb dumbbells around like it’s nothing! Seriously. She may have rolled around on the floor after every set, but she got it done! J Through 6 months of intense training, completing a 5k, and even attending my boot camps, Suzie reached her goal and is very happy with what weightlifting has done for her! It’s definitely not ALL about the cardio.

Suzie had tons of self control, especially at work, when she was tempted with donuts and other junk food, but instead she ate healthy! She lost 13.5% body fat, 6.75” off her waist, and 26 lbs! She is such an inspiration to everyone around her (she dragged her sister in law, husband, and mom to come in for a workout!) and I am very, very proud of her. Suzie has more knowledge and self discipline now so that she can carry that on with her and make this a LIFESTYLE.

Suzie’s Before and After Weight Loss Photos:

vegetarian weight loss overland park

women weight loss vegetarian overland park

plan to lose weight vegetarian overland park


Suzie’s Weight Loss Stats:

Body Fat: 30.10% to 16.53%
Weight: 156 lbs to 130 lbs.
Waist: 32.75” to 26.0”
Hips: 42.5” to 35.75”
Fat lbs: 46.9 to 21.49

overland park female vegetarian weight loss


Suzie’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park Review:

“There’s an especially lucky population segment that spends their youth not having to try to be thin. Not doing anything. No workouts, no sports, definitely no cardio. It just comes naturally; they get it from they mama. Until the clock strikes 28 and they gain an extra 28. This was me.

The realization hit me hard when I could no longer fit into my clothes. I felt tired and overwhelmed, and was uncomfortable in my skin. The thought of a gym membership was laughable — even if I convinced myself to go, I had no idea what I was doing and was too self conscious to ask. I didn’t know how to get my body back and wasn’t sure I ever could. Amanda at Hitch Fit rescued me!

Amanda got me on track with an easy, vegetarian-friendly meal plan that fit my busy lifestyle. And the best part of the experience is that I never had to think or worry about it. Having my own trainer and the supportive Hitch Fit community eliminated the intimidation factor of a gym. They are all incredibly welcoming and committed to their clients’ success. Each session, Amanda guided me through exercises, no worries or hassle, and taught me new things every day about health and fitness. I have actually started to like being sore.

Amanda knows when to distract me from dreaded timed workouts with a story, and exactly how to push me to be my best — “Suzie, I NEED you to do this” — because she believed in me even when I didn’t. She became one of my closest friends and has helped me build confidence that I will always carry with me. Thanks to this experience, I know that I can do anything!

I got my body back (actually, let’s be honest, it’s better)! Hitch Fit worked for me, for my beautiful cousin, Kristi, and it will work for you, too!”

vegetarian personal trainer overland park


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