Over 40 Pound Weight Loss and Total Life Transformation!

Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Personal Trainer – TRANSFORMER Alejandra (Alex) Nixon

Over 40 Pound weight loss

A note from Hitch Fit Gym Transformation Trainer Alex Nixon:

“The first time I met Edgar he looked excited to have started his journey. He had goals that he wanted to crush and he most certainly did. One of the things I mainly remember during his journey was of him stating he wanted to have abs by Christmas or else his girlfriend was going to break up with him. I was immediately in shock as I couldn’t believe that was the truth. But what Edgar did not know is that what started as a joke lead him to be motivated and inspired to become stronger, healthier and fit for the first time in his life. He gave his all and he made an outstanding transformation. This young man worked very hard day in and day out even with his busy traveling schedule he still managed to get his meals and workouts in. Edgar you have really become even more extraordinary than you already were. This has become your lifestyle!! Super proud of your dedication!! You did it!!”

Lose over 40 pounds


Edgar’s Before and After Weight Loss Stats:

Initial Body Fat: 35.40% Final Body Fat: 15.46%


Initial Weight: 227 lbs Final Weight: 184 lbs


Initial Waist: 47.25” Final Waist: 38”


Initial Hips: 44” Final Hips: 38”

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Edgar’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:

I did not want to do Hitch Fit. Laura, my partner in crime, dragged me into it and I begrudgingly went along. I didn’t want to commit to the nutritional plan and I hated working out. But then I went to the original consultation and our trainer, Tara, seemed like a cool, fun person and I felt more at ease. Within 2 weeks, I lost 10 pounds, started to enjoy working out, and loved the support I was getting from the Hitch Fit family. Halfway through Hitch Fit, Alex became our new trainer and she was awesome as well. When I began to see the the dramatic results, I was hooked. I will say that you definitely need to be in the right mindset for Hitch Fit to work. The transformation is less about how you look, but more about how you live. Are you prepared to make the choices necessary to lead a healthy life? I was and Hitch Fit was the secret sauce that made it all work. Like I tell my friends, the more weight I lost, the more I found myself. I can’t wait to do round two (I am now doing an online program) and to incorporate more of the Magnum Nutraceuticals into my routine. #AbsByXmas


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