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Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Personal Trainer – TRANSFORMER Alejandra (Alex) Nixon

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A note from Hitch Fit Transformation Trainer Alex Nixon:

Laura came in back in July of last year looking to make her goal a reality. She had been wanting to get her body back to when she first came to Kansas City a couple of years back. However for her it had been difficult to get started so she decided to have a partner to help her throughout her journey. Well let me tell you not only did she make amazing changes but so did her teammate. And even though she’s very active in her community events as well as her busy traveling job, she still managed to make her health a priority. She was able to get workouts in while she was out of town as well making healthier choices while at meetings. Laura did all of this always with a huge smile on her face and always determined to get her goal accomplished. I couldn’t be more proud of how far she has come and this is only the beginning of her new and healthier lifestyle.

Laura’s Before and After Weight Loss Photos:

before and after hispanic weight loss

weight loss for hispanic women kansas city

female hispanic weight loss kansas city



Laura’s Before and After Weight Loss Stats:

Starting Body Fat: 54.22% Ending Body Fat: 29.27%


Starting Weight: 239.5 lbs Ending Weight: 220 lbs


Starting Waist: 44.5” Ending Waist: 42”


Starting Hips: 50” Ending Hips: 48”

healthy female hispanic kansas city


Laura’s Testimonial:

Goal is defined as: the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. Once you set a goal and achieve the result then you’re finished with the goal. I’ve played with getting back to my arriving in Kansas City weight for the last 4 years. After I was called out on how I played with this goal at the same time every year I decided it was time to set the goal and achieve it. I researched various options and found Hitch Fit. I emailed their interest form and asked questions like, “where should I buy my meals prepped for me from, what is the process like, how long will it take” to get the most honest feedback possible: “you’ll have to prepare your own meals and you will have to stick to the program for the recommended weeks to reach your goal.” I recruited a friend. We got started and I realized that Hitch Fit was a transformation journey of creating healthy habits, spending time on self-improvement and making health a priority. I realized that doing it by myself was part of my problem. When I set the goal, I didn’t realize what a supportive family I would have and how my goal would turn into a lifestyle that I want to continue. Thanks Hitch Fit, I’m Hitched for life now.

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