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When she was in junior high school, she was over 200 pounds. Now, at 25 years of age, Tracy Reid has two body building competitions under her belt.

Fitness and weight training have become Tracy’s passion…her religion. In the tiny central Newfoundland community of Terra Nova, Canada. Tracy works out every day. In the basement of her parents house, where she’s set up her own little gym.
None of this happened by accident. In fact, it happened because of an accident. An ATV accident that could have taken Tracy’s life, and at the very least left her crippled. But out of that very bad thing came something very good. A story of pure grit and determination. The inspiring story of a young woman who got a rare second chance in life, and made the most of it.

Hi my name Is Tracy Reid and I am 27, from Terra Nova, NL… Well living in Fort Mac, AB Now thou But I came to know about Micah through a friend of mine Dwayne. I was a pretty active person and was really into the weights but doing Lacerte’s workouts just didn’t help me loose the weight, it made me experiment with my mind as well…

It was a mindset about the food, I thought my diet was good Until I got the sheet from Micah… It’s a lifestyle working harder than ever in the gym or at home. He well push you harder than you could ever imagine, it’s a change NOT a DIET which people say It’s a DAILY LIFESTYLE, So start Today and Micah well help You reach your goals, I promise you!!!

After 12 weeks of eating so healthy I normally get bored and sick of eating the same foods but with this program makes you not get bored of food, there are different foods to eat every day.

But before starting this program, You have to have the determination and the will power then the weight well come off. The confidence well come out, your jeans well start to feel looser and hey you have 10 pounds off, then You well want to continue on. Its not all about loosing weight, its about feeling good and most of all feeling healthy. There were time I thought I wasn’t going to succeed but Micah was also a facebook supporter, he helps you get through your worst days, he is a motivator as well… and will always answer your questions no matter what the question Is,.. he was such a great help to me in my final weeks of my last fitness/bikini model competition. I actually walked on stage with confidence, the FIRST TIME EVER!!!


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