Training someone for weight loss and overall health comes with challenges. Training someone for stage takes your patience and emotions to a level that you rarely ever reach with a client. Training a married couple for stage takes COURAGE!

Susan, Shaun and I became a part of each others worlds. We became family. At first the goal was to take Susan’s physical fitness to the next level and Shaun was there for support and encouragement. He refused to give up certain foods and ……adult beverages. And although these were not in my guidelines he still quickly started seeing results from his time with me and his time on his own. Susan and Shaun would challenge and inspire each other each and every session. I truly don’t believe that either of them would have reach their goals if they hadn’t been there for one another. They are such amazing people individually and so powerful as a couple.

Susan took her body fat from 25% to 15% and stepped on stage at the WBFF competition with confidence that was ah inspiring. Shaun went from 215 pounds, 33% body fat to 164 pounds, 10.8% body fat and stepped on stage as a contender.

A husband and wife stepping on stage together is a rare and powerful moment. This is an experience that they will never forget and has made me stronger as a trainer on so many different levels, from in the gym to my personal life. I am so proud to have been a part of their journey

Shaun and I have been married 14 years and have 4 children. We had really not thought much about diet and exercise during our marriage. Okay, we cared how we looked and felt, but never really did anything to improve upon it. We both ate in excess and Shaun drank in excess. A workout to us was an occasional walk around the block. Every Friday night we ate 1 lb of brie cheese and Shaun a 12 pack of beer. It was pretty pathetic.

I was brought up in a home where working out was a part of life. My dad had been a boxer and my mom a dance instructor. My parents were physically active and good nutrition and exercise was a part of our life. We always had a gym in our basement and also belonged to a gym. I played various sports in and out of school. I always wanted to look like my idol, female bodybuilder Rachel Mclish. She had the muscle tone I wanted, but putting on muscle for me was always a struggle.

My body totally changed when I had my twin sons at the young age of 21. I got skinny fat. It was not attractive and I had no energy. I then went on to have 2 more children, 2 girls. After my youngest daughter was born, my weight had peaked to over 140lbs. That was a lot on a small frame of barely 5’7’’. I was not happy. I couldn’t stand looking at pictures of myself, and walking around the block would leave me breathless. Then tragedy struck. Several friends and family lost their lives in sudden tragic accidents. This impacted me immensely. It made me look at life in a different way. I realized my own life was slipping away and I was doing nothing to stop it. It made me think, “I’d better make a change, a drastic change, soon”. I have a lot to live for and this unhealthy lifestyle was slowing killing me.

One day I found the quote, “if you don’t take the time to care for your health, one day you will have to take the time to care for your illness”. This statement was burning in my brain and it motivated me.

Like Susan said, a pound of Brie and case of beer was a big part of my diet. That was just the start. Candy, soda, potato chips were all key ingredients, and after years of bad eating, I found myself tipping the scales at 250lbs. I had always been active growing up, but this had come to a halt. The most exercise I was getting was coaching my children’s soccer teams. Things were pretty bad when I was the coach and I was making 5 year old run a lap of the field. I would stand and watch yelling the orders. The truth be known, I couldn’t run a lap of the field without losing my breath. I was in bad shape and I knew it. I felt bad. I was lazy. There was always an excuse, until one evening I tipped out my beer can and threw it in the ground in disgust. Bad habits were ruling my life. Change was now up too me.

So came 2008. We both felt the same way. We were unhappy with ourselves, so we decided together to join a gym. We started going everyday and motivated each other. Change was starting to happen in our bodies, but something was missing, a good trainer.. We called upon a friend of ours who was a MMA fighter, Cisco Guerra. We asked his advice on personal training. He told us about Micah Lacerte and Hitchfit, and recommended we call him about personal training. Micah had a Hitchfit website and we were constantly checking it out and seeing the transformations he and Diana Chaloux were making with regular people like us. We were amazed and inspired. He would send us emails with tips on how to eat right and exercise. But we procrastinated.

Finally, December 2010 Susan bought 2 Groupon coupons and we called to set up a meeting. We meet with another trainer from Hitch Fit whom they recommended to us. Her name was Tina . Tina was a personal trainer, fitness competitor and fitness model. Our first session was right before Christmas 2010. We were very impressed with Hitch Fit! We decided to keep training for the next 16-20 weeks with her until we met our fitness goals. Susan always wanted to compete on the stage and Shaun just wanted to get in shape. We had different goals. But as the weeks went by and the pounds and inches dropped off we both decided to compete together in the WBFF show in May 2011. It was not easy. Quitting was not an option. The workouts were intense and the diets were brutal, but we put so much into it we were not going to fail. Tina trained us in a way we never knew possible. Her expertise, enthusiasm and energy keep us going. She never gave up on us reaching our goals.

We both surpassed our fitness goals. Susan hit the stage at 115lbs and 15% BF and Shaun at 156lbs and 10% BF. We were shocked at what we had accomplished. This would not had happened without Tina Quarles and Hitchfit.

We both plan on competing again and Susan is now a Personal Trainer. Our lives and health have deeply improved and changed for the best. We are both very thankful to Hitch Fit!! When you set your mind to something you never know where it will take you. Thank You Hitch Fit!!!



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