Vickie and Shira

We couldn’t be more proud of Hitch Fit inspirational clients Vickie Sims, Shira Knoche and her daughter Sydney!

Loren Halifax and Fox 4 News Kansas City did a special feature on “Strong is the new Skinny”. These ladies are perfect examples of being Hitch Fit STRONG!

Through transformation with Hitch Fit they gained far more than physical strength. They gained in mental, emotional and spiritual strength as well.

Check out Vickie’s full feature on the Hitch Fit site here:

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At Hitch Fit, the goal is to help clients become the BEST versions of themselves. To guide them through the transformation process in order to become healthy, fit and strong. It’s not about comparing anyone to anyone else, it’s not about trying to be anyone else. Transformation is a personal thing, each person has to do it because they want that outcome and all the positive benefits that come along with it.

Vickie’s journey began 2 years ago, she’s an online client. She was battling with suicidal thoughts, depression and loneliness. She saw the transformation of one of her friends shared on social media. She felt like this was what she needed to do! Today at age 60, the scale shows a 50 pound loss, but what she has gained through this process is far more important!! Stronger in her mind, able to take on the world, and achieving her fitness dreams one after another!

Shira battled her weight her entire life. Even with a family that engaged in fitness, she was resistant to developing healthy habits for herself! For 3 years she contemplated Hitch Fit, but fear held her back. She finally reached a point where she knew she had to just go for it! When she did, everything changed. Not just physically (though she did lose 25 pounds!), but her thought process changed, her goals changed, her strength increased, and she affected her entire family with her positive choices!

These ladies have such different stories, different goals, different backgrounds. But one big thing in common. They determined that they wanted more, they wanted to have a healthier life experience, they wanted to live in a body that they enjoyed, and they wanted these things badly enough, that they made the choices necessary to get there, they did the work, and now they are living the lifestyle.

Congratulations ladies! So proud of you!

Check out the link on the Fox 4 website here: