Transformation by Hitch Fit Downtown TRANSFORMER (Personal Trainer) Nancy Choquette!

See how this Hitch Fit client went from Depressed to Happy & Weak to STRONG at Hitch Fit Gym!

Anna is a busy mom who shed 12 pounds and 12% body fat!

A note from Nancy:

“When my client Anna first contacted me about doing a transformation at Hitch Fit, she told me, “Nancy, you don’t understand. I quit everything. If it’s too hard at the gym, I just give up and don’t go back.” Oh, ok! Well, she didn’t quit Hitch Fit, and she pushed herself harder as time went on, and embraced fitness like nobody’s business! Today, Anna is truly a new person-one who loves fitness and has a fresh outlook on life! I saw her change in many ways, from depression to happiness, from weakness to strength! It was so much fun and rewarding to work with this gem, and be a part of her journey! I love her dearly!

Anna’s Story:

“The last couple of years have not been easy. My brother passed away, and I got a divorce. I was devastated. I became a single, working, mother of two. I was suffering in silence.
After many years of observing, and just watching others get in shape, I decided for my New Year’s Resolution that I was going to work on me. I have never lifted a dumbbell in my life. I knew nothing about fitness. When I made an attempt to go to the gym I would do cardio for 45 minutes, and play around on the machines, not knowing what I was doing.

I wanted a challenge, but I knew that mentally I wasn’t strong enough to do this on my own, and that I would need accountability. I saw that my friend Nancy had become a personal trainer and joined the Hitch Fit team of Transformers. It was as if the stars aligned! The timing was perfect, so I made a commitment and started a 12 week program at Hitch Fit with her.

I had no clue how I was going to fit this new program into my already jam-packed schedule, but I had decided that I was going to put myself first, for once. My problem was, I didn’t know how to exercise, and my experience was, that I only felt confident on the elliptical machine! When I “felt the burn” from working my muscles, I would leave the gym immediately, and go home! I never lasted more than 3 months at a time at the gym, and I hated every second of working out. My eating habits weren’t always terrible, but after my divorce, I found myself cooking just what the kids wanted to eat every day, which wasn’t always healthy. I would finish off their meals just not to waste food. I began to gain weight quickly on my small 5’0 frame.

This journey was hard for me at first. I really didn’t have faith in myself at all, but I had decided to try my hardest. Planning the food was the most difficult, but once I learned how, and got that figured out, it became second nature. Nancy helped me a lot with my foods, and making sure I was on track. I met with her twice a week, and learned a ton about fitness, and how to work out. I started watching my body transform into something I had personally, never had. I noticed my clothes fitting me differently, and it made me want to work harder.

Hitch Fit has completely changed my life! I feel stronger, both mentally and physically, and it is by far one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

The experience for me was invigorating! Not only did I learn a lot about living a healthy lifestyle, but my two kids watched me daily, and they adopted some of my new habits as well. My mind is stronger, and I FEEL AMAZING!


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