Skinny to Fit Transformation

Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Personal Trainer – TRANSFORMER Alejandra (Alex) Nixon

skinny fat to fit female kansas city

A note from Hitch Fit Transformation trainer Alex Nixon:

“Atenas came in to Hitch Fit Gym for the first time because she wanted to make a difference to her body as well as her health. She stated that all of her life she was known as skinny or thin so she decided to take control of it and come inside our life changing doors and be fit! She no longer wanted to be classified as skinny but as strong and fit like WONDER WOMAN which is exactly how she became. This young woman from day one gave her all and never gave up. She never questioned her eating nor her workouts. If anything she ended up eating more and more as her metabolism started working harder due to her training. Even though at times she was scared of thinking that she was not doing things right I always let her know that everything was going according to schedule and her progress showed every time we measured. She stuck to her plans until the end and as you can see her final results were awesome!! I know this is not the last time we will hear from her since she has now fallen in love with fitness and she is never looking back but forward to a future competition.

I am beyond excited to show her progress and it was such a great pleasure working with this rockstar and WONDER WOMAN!! Congratulations ATENAS!!! Well Done!!”

Atenas’ Before and After Skinny to Fit Photos:

skinny to fit transformation

skinny to fit transformation

skinny fat to fit

skinny fat to fit

skinny fat to fit transformation female

skinny fat to fit transformation


Atenas Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:

“For the past couple of years I have been going on and off to the gym with my husband and eating what I thought was healthy. It was never really something I wanted to do; it was something I had to do. With my lack of motivation, it was difficult to work out regularly or try to challenge myself. I needed to make a change and I wanted to find something that has been proven to work, that’s why I chose Hitch Fit.

Strength is not just measured by physique but also by heart, mind and devotion. I pushed hard to fight through my weakness and become a stronger person overall; mind, body, and spirit. Luckily, I have an amazing husband who did nothing but support me and help me with my meal preps and workouts at 5 in the morning. I also made a new friend in the process; my cheerleader/ rock hard never give up coach. The fact that she never went easy on me and always added more weights to my sets made me realize how strong I can really be. This process was not always just fun and uplifting; it was sometimes difficult, upsetting and challenging. But I was not going to let myself down and I was not going to make excuses; I was determined to commit and make a change.

Although I have completed the three month program, it does not mean I am done with my fitness path. I have learned so much and I no longer see it as something I have to do but rather something I enjoy doing. I want to actually eat healthy with lots of good carbs and protein to fuel my body; I want to lift heavier to prove that girls are strong, but most importantly I want to do it for me. This is a lifestyle that I am lucky enough to be able to take advantage of. You have to do what makes you happy and what makes me happy is accomplishing things I did not believe I could before.”

Atenas Before and After Weight Loss Stats:

Before Starting Weight: 121.2 lbs After Ending Weight: 117.4 lbs

Body Fat: 15.55% Body Fat: 11.34%

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