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Bikini Body over 40

A note from Hitch Fit Transformation Trainer Alex Nixon:

From day one this lady just knew her goals and the sacrifices she needed to make to step on stage for the first time ever in her life. She is not only my cousin (as I called her, since she has the same last name as my mother in law) but she is a true warrior at heart!! She is not only a grandmother, a wife, a mother of 2 children, but she has a full time job, is a marathon runner, and she gives back to the community. She is a true example of inspiration and a role model to women. She has traveled to do volunteer work and has given motivational speeches to individuals that have gone through tough times in their lives in order to help them reach their potential and see their self-worth.

Theresa you have become an amazing friend and you have grown so much throughout your transformation that I know this is only the beginning of this new journey of yours. You can definitely check this off your bucket list but I know it’ll become nature just like your running days.

Congratulations on your amazing stage debut, I am super super proud of you in all of your hard work and the outstanding woman you continue to be cousin!!!!

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Theresa’s Story and Hitch Fit Gym Review:

It all started with a desire to run stronger and faster. I remember preparing for my first Ultra Marathon, the Rocky Raccoon, in Huntsville, Texas, a 32 mile trail race in a Texas forest. I wanted to do well for that race and needed to be a little stronger. While training to get stronger, I noticed my body changing. Muscles started to appear where I had not noticed before, I felt awesome. My Hitch Fit trainer at the time, Ellie, planted that first seed, “you ought to do a bikini competition” she said with a confident smile. My first response was a big “No Way!”

First off, I had not worn a bikini in years and I still had suits with the tags in a drawer. There was no way, I imagined myself in a bikini, in front of a bunch of people and being judged on my physique. I kept telling her that I was more of a Spartan Warrior Girl rather than a Bikini Competitor Girl. Give me a trail race, an obstacle course and mud anytime and I was in a happy place. A bikini, on a stage, in heels was a bit out of my comfort zone.

I started trail running about 6 years ago. While I am not a fast runner, I have the endurance to go the distances and worked up to completing my first Ultra in February 2016. During my strength training, Ellie, kept nurturing that seed she planted. Then she said the magic words, “You should try a competition just once, to have the experience, then decide what you think.” After lots of contemplation and doubt, I made the decision to do it. I then put it out to the universe that I was going to start training for a competition. I told my friend at the Ultra race that my next goal was to compete in a body building competition. Since I said it out-loud, I had to follow through. I had initially planned to compete in the fall of 2016. That plan changed, Ellie moved out of state and I ended up with Anemia.

Ellie recommended a new trainer, Alex Nixon, who I had gotten to know a little, while training at the Union Hill Hitch Fit location. We instantly hit it off. Both of us being Hispanic Women, we could relate to similar experiences in life. I spent a few months getting my Anemia under control and started to feel better and noticing the results of the hard work and training. Alex challenged my lifting, to heavier weights and pushed my body to new strengths, I had never imagined. When I made that 12-week prep commitment, training got more serious and intense. Cardio picked up, weights got heavier, and my nutrition was strict. The hardest part of this training was restraining from running. I knew I could kick out some good cardio running, but was told over and over to stop running so much. I kept pushing the limits and did my last 25K trail race with my Mud Babe Friends in Arkansas, January 2017. That was a great race, I felt strong and had a blast, but I also knew that would be my last trail race for a while so I had better enjoy every bit of it.

Alex was great at breaking down the science behind all that I was asked to do. For me, I was not satisfied with just doing what I was told, actually, that has never really worked for me. I wanted to know the why and how. How does all this strict nutrition planning really work? What is it doing to my body? How it is benefiting my training? What should I be expecting? What muscles should I feel after my work- out? How long should I feel the pain?

Supplements, what do they really do? I had a lot of questions behind the science of this sport and the more I trusted and understood the process the more disciplined I became. I enjoyed every bit of it. Was it challenging? Yes!!! Did I learn a lot? Absolutely!! I did the best I could with burning all my calories on a stair-master and elliptical. 5:00 a.m. gym mornings and 10:00 p.m. gym nights became part of my weekly routine. Food preparation another first time experience. I realized if I was going to get this nutrition thing right, I had to properly prepare otherwise, I would default back to my routine of skipping meals. Getting in all the meals was another challenge for me. I have a tendency to skip meals and not get enough food rather than cheating with unhealthy food.

There were times that I doubted my progress, doubted myself and other days where I had all the confidence in the world. I had every emotion you can imagine through this process. I had even thought about giving up at one point, thinking I was not going to be good enough. Questioning my own commitment, my own expectations, and my own abilities. I also felt at times, that I would be just as happy getting back to my trail running. But those thoughts were only temporary. Alex, knew me so well, that she could tell when I was having those emotions, without me saying a word. She always had the right things to say and just the right workout to get me back in the zone. I am forever grateful for her friendship and training me.

Posing coaching was also another interesting experience. I have never owned a pair or walked in 4 ½ inch heels in my life, let alone pose in heels and in a bikini. I can remember Rebecca Woody, telling me that I was going to need lessons in posing at my first competition workshop. That was humbling, to be a grown woman and someone telling you, you need lessons for something. I just had to laugh at myself but took that suggestion seriously. I faithfully practiced posing and week by week, was more confident in my heels. By the end, I could run up-stairs at the gym in those heels. One of the Mud Babes commented that I transitioned from muddy trail shoes to sparkly high heels pretty gracefully.

Finally, the day of the competition. I had resolved that I was showing up at the competition with the best version of myself. I had put in the time, training and discipline that I had to give and today was the day. No stressful expectations of winning, just to have fun and learn all I could about this new sport. It was a whirlwind of spray tanning (another first), hair styling and stage make-up. Oh my, so many first in one day, was a little much. I never played dress-up as a child, I was the Hot Wheels and tree-climbing girl. I had totally transformed to a bikini competitor.

Butterflies entered my stomach, I use humor to deal with my nervousness and anxiety. My mouth was dry from the dehydration process, I was starting to get hungry and ready to get the show started. I met so many wonderful women. They were very supportive and all had those interesting little competitions tips (Dixie cups and Vaseline). My time came, I walked out on that stage in the Master’s category, women 40+. I did not even have time to think about what I had just did and was back out on stage in the Novice category. I can remember thinking about my posing, running through all that I had learned, smiling at the judges and saying to myself, “Yes Theresa, you are out here with the best version of yourself today, show them who you are.”

While I did not place in either category, that was not my goal. My goal was to learn, have fun and get noticed. All of the above was accomplished. I learned a lot about myself and this sport. I got noticed and most of all, I had fun!! All the judges said I had lots of promise and potential and that if I leaned out more and put on just a little more muscle, I would easily place. Their comments included that I had a good base, nice back and great calves and legs, just lean out. Overall, I placed 8th out of 10 women. I am totally thrilled with that. One judge placed me at 5th. None of the judges could believe that I had never competed before let alone be a spectator at a competition. They asked, “How do you not know anything about what to expect and come in and compete?” “I trained for the experience and just did it” was my response. I had a trainer, I had the nutrition plan and I had the discipline and guts. I was the second oldest female and only grandma, a personal best for me, indeed. My next goal is a 50 mile, yes let me repeat, 50 mile trail race this fall. Next year, I will be back. I will come in leaner, more muscles and a lot more knowledge. I am forever grateful for the Hitch Fit team who supported this new journey of mine. A life changing transformation experience and one I will cherish forever.

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Through our creator, all is possible.

Love, Theresa

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