Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park TRANSFORMER Amy Gipson!

Overland Park Woman has Life Changing Transformation at Hitch Fit Gym!

A Note from Amy:

Everyone please meet magnificent Marisa Shaw! She is Brittany Lynn’s best friend (see Part 1 of 2 of this story at and she got “roped” into coming in to see me so that she, too, could transform her lifestyle alongside her BFF. After all, there is nothing better than having the support of your best friend during a time that is challenging, difficult yet fun and when positivity is very much needed. Marisa was all that and more for her best friend Brittany, but what she found was that this lifestyle change is exactly what she needed in her own life and she has no plans to return to that previous lifestyle anytime soon. I couldn’t be more proud of this woman and all she has accomplished alongside her best friend in 16 weeks. She is such an amazingly dedicated and beautiful person. I have a feeling this will not be the last we see of Marisa. Please help me congratulate Marisa on her brilliant success!

Marisa’s stats:

Starting weight: 187 lbs

Ending weight: 172 lbs

Starting body fat: 35 %

Ending body fat: 23 %

Marisa front

Marisa side

Marisa back

Marisa’s Story:

Four months ago I decided to change my life. I know that always sounds so cheesy and cliché but in this instance, I actually mean it. I managed to get roped into a transformation process called Hitch Fit and at this point I’m never going back to how things were before. My best friend Brittany had explained to me that she was thinking of trying something to get in shape and she found this program, well that woman suckered me in. I thought what a “great idea to do this with my best friend” we can keep tabs on each other, motivate and talk each other back into it, if we ever felt like giving up which was something that happened on a few occasions. I knew that I needed to jumpstart a change in my life and reluctantly I agreed, but after my initial meeting with Amy I knew my life would never be the same.

Over the last several years of my life my body had completely changed. I felt it failed me, or I failed it, whatever it was I was no longer that thin string bean I was in high school. Years of my life had taken its toll, full time jobs, bad eating habits, lack of exercise and motivation, low self-esteem, you name it and I was or had been dealing with it. I was ready to change. I needed to change. And I really needed to do it for me and only me. For the next 16 weeks of my life I was in the gym daily, meeting with Amy and Brittany twice a week on top of working two jobs. It was brutal. My body hurt, getting used to clean eating was extremely difficult and I was positive that I wasn’t seeing any changes in the mirror. I tried to do all I could to keep myself motivated: purchased new gym attire, new music, used pinterest for recipe ideas, complaining just to complain to my best friend because I knew she’d understand my recent frustrations, texting Amy to just try and regain a little motivation, whatever it was I needed to keep going. I kept telling myself “I didn’t do this to my body overnight so it sure wasn’t going to come off after one training session, I have to keep going.” In a matter of weeks I found how much my body was getting used to this new routine, cravings were gone, I was motivated to beat myself and burn more and more calories with each workout. Sweat was my new best friend. If I was sweating I knew what I was doing what working. I actually looked forward to a little bit of soreness it meant those muscles of mine were getting stronger. It was amazing.

This journey has been absolutely life changing. I see a different person, a more motivated person, someone more confident. Hitch Fit has changed my life and I mean that. I’m so inspired by these transformations, by the journey of those before me, by my best friend and by my trainer. I hope to inspire others in the future. I love this process. I am grateful for every second I’ve spent in the gym, every moment I’ve stuck to my diet, every single text message I’ve sent or received to keep myself and my friend motivated. This is only the beginning; things will only get better from here.”

Marisa with amy


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