Hitch Fit Transformation Gym Weight Loss Success Story!

Kansas City Man Finds FREEDOM in a Healthy Lifestyle with Hitch Fit! Sheds 20 pounds of fat!

Hitch Fit Gym has two private training studios in Kansas City area: downtown/midtown at 3036 Gillham Rd. KCMO, and Overland Park, KS at 91st & Metcalf next to Whole Foods Market.

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Stacy’s Story:

“I’m not sure I can convey how beneficial Hitch Fit can be in your life, however, I will try. After years of what I called working out, I began to get discouraged with my perception of the amount of time spent in the gym with little to no results. This, along with age, office lifestyle and stress had truly began to take its toll on me. After my girlfriend, Nancy Choquette, had completed a transformation program with Hitch Fit, she gently began to drip on me that this might be a good idea for me. After considering what apparently was not working and really wanting to see how much I could improve what I call my vehicle (you only get one) before age took to much of a toll or I was too far behind the curve. My gym time was really inconsistent, and thus, too much time in the gym when I did make it. I had no clue about diet. I thought breakfast was a liquid candy bar from Starbucks and maybe a banana, really nothing until noon, then heavy lunch, mid-afternoon crash looking for a Reese’s, heavy dinner.

Enter Hitch Fit and trainer Rachel. In my consultation, she had a serious, no non-sense approach communicating with me to develop very clear and precise goals. She told me you have to commit to the program; your time with me should be as important as any business meeting; and you must work hard. The surprise for me was when she told me the hardest part of the program for me would be eating enough food. Clean food. “You don’t eat until noon! You have to eat! You have to fuel your body, like shoveling coal in a furnace to kick up the metabolism heat, in turn, burning the fat.” With our goals set, I committed, we worked hard and things began to change. She was right, eating enough clean food was very difficult. We monitored our progress along the way and I hated the disappointed look on Rachel’s face when I fell off the wagon (Crown & 7, Lobster Mac). “You can’t drink; you can introduce some of that back in when you get to a maintenance level, but right now, we’re on a mission!” I was amazed how my body began to change, losing weight and body fat, while shoveling in all that food every couple of hours. Learning the importance of the kitchen in fitness is the key. I’m not sure what the percentage is; you hear 90%, 95%, 80%….doesn’t really matter, it’s a high percentage, you can’t get where you want to go without it. You also learn that the work you do today, when done consistently everyday, shows up three weeks down the road. Stay with it!My transformation turned out to be a pretty incredible journey. I believe there are great, unexpected by-products of the program. After eating clean for a period of time, your body starts to crave it. Never expected that. For example, I still love the taste of Lobster Mac & Cheese, however, a half order is more than enough and my body can’t wait to get back to clean food. The control comes with ease now. One Crown instead of four is easy. The empowerment of knowing how to eat clean and how to fix it if you fall off the wagon is priceless. It’s pure and simple freedom. Freedom/confidence to do whatever you want to do and then fix it. The confidence of knowing that while being fit takes extremely hard work and sacrifice, the formula to get there is actually very simple. Freedom from ever paying attention to the constant barrage of new-fangled, fad diets. You will have learned and experienced first hand how the professional athletes do it.

At Hitch Fit, you are learning from and training with Professional Athletes.There is no question that the transformation program established by Diana and Micah LaCerte can change your entire life. It most certainly changes your gym experience in and outside of Hitch Fit. Everyone is extremely busy working one-on-one with their particular trainer and the trainers, many professional athletes, are very serious about their business and helping their clients achieve their goals. Although there is a lot of hard work and very little chit-chat, there is a camaraderie that develops among clients and all of the trainers. They all know how hard the work is; the sacrifices made, and are all pulling for you. There is always a kind word and support when the going gets tough. The Hitch Fit environment is incredibly positive. As a result of this lazer-focused, goal oriented program structure and sense of belonging to an elite group of people, you will enter your gym with a new sense of purpose and knowledge, as if you were a professional athlete yourself. The hardest part of HitchFit is completing and leaving the program. Shout out to HitchFit OG…..AJ, Ellie, Amber, James, Emily, Joel, Sara……..Thank you! In conclusion, I can not thank Rachel enough. She is serious about what she does and certainly lives the lifestyle day-in, day-out. She was there every step of the way when I needed her. I can still hear, “You can do this, let’s go!” Rachel has given me an incredible forever gift; the knowledge, control and freedom of a fit and healthy lifestyle.”



Contact Hitch Fit today at 816-753-8900

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Two private one on one personal training studios:

Downtown/Midtown Kansas City: 3036 Gillham Rd. KCMO 64108

Overland Park KS: 7431 W. 91st Street, 66212 (At 91st & Metcalf, connected to Whole Foods Market)


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