Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park TRANSFORMER Amy Gipson!

Overland Park Personal Training Client Sheds 10% Body Fat!

A Note from Amy:

I have a very special transformation to share! Meet beautiful Brittany Lynn. She came to me right after I started personal training with Hitch Fit wanting to add some muscle and improve her overall body appearance. She mentioned that she had started following me right after I transformed my life and ever since has desired the same for herself. Well, this young lady did just that! She not only took that step with me but she encouraged her best friend Marisa Shaw to do the same (soon to be released part 2 of this story). Two times a week, for 16 weeks, Brittany and Marisa came in ready to work. They didn’t skip a session and they stuck to the plan I designed for them outside of seeing me. In doing so, AMAZING results were obtained…I mean just look at Brittany’s itty-bitty waist and the self-confidence she gained! Brittany is most certainly “Hitch Fit” now and knows how to live this healthy lifestyle! I am so proud to not only call her family but a dear friend! Please help me congratulate this dedicated and determined woman on her amazing results!

Before and After Photos of Hitch Fit Weight Loss Client Brittany

Before and After Photos of Hitch Fit Weight Loss Client Brittany

Before and After Weight Loss Side Images of Brittany

Before and After Weight Loss Side Images of Brittany

Before and After Weight Loss Back Pictures of Hitch Fit Client Brittany

Before and After Weight Loss Back Pictures of Hitch Fit Client Brittany


Brittany’s stats:

Starting weight: 163 lbs

Ending weight: 149 lbs

Starting body fat: 27%

Ending body fat: 17%

Brittany’s Story:

I took a leap of faith four months ago and decided to quit making excuses and take on an extremely difficult, yet exciting journey by joining the Hitch Fit Transformation Gym. I was lucky enough to have one of my best friends join me in this journey. I went to Amy Gipson because I saw her transformation story and was truly inspired by the success she had. I knew she would be someone that I could relate to. I have never been one to exercise or be “in shape” and it was starting to wear on my mind and body. I was constantly down on myself, tired and just had no motivation to do anything. After meeting with Amy for my consultation I knew I was making a good decision and I knew Amy was right person for the job. SHE IS AMAZING!! I have never met someone so passionate about their job and so willing to go above and beyond to make sure I was successful. The entire Hitch Fit team was so helpful and encouraging and really made me feel like part of the family.

During my transformation I received a lot of positive and negative comments. People would ask “why do you need a trainer? Can’t you do it on your own?” Well the truth was no, I couldn’t do it on my own or else I would have. I needed that guidance and extra push that I was receiving from Amy. She was such a great source of motivation and was always there to answer diet/workout questions, even outside of our training sessions. I could not have asked for a better trainer, now lifelong friend.

The whole transformation experience was definitely not an easy one. I didn’t really struggle much with eating clean because that has never been much of an issue for me. I just did not have the confidence in myself and got frustrated anytime something became too difficult. Cardio has never been my friend so getting in cardio and strength training every day just seemed impossible with working a full time job and keeping up on household duties. I have also always been thicker in the lower body so doing any sort of leg exercise was a real struggle for me. Luckily I had two amazing ladies by my side the entire journey to help me see that this was something that I could do and be successful at. This gave me the strength to push myself harder and accomplish my day to day goals.

I now, sixteen weeks later, have the confidence I have been lacking for years back and am even considering stepping on stage in May for the WBFF show. I still have a ways to go to reach my fitness goals but I know I can count on Amy and the Hitch Fit family to continue giving me the tools I need to get there. I can honestly say that I have changed for the better and I am LOVING my new lifestyle change!


Overland Park Personal Trainer Amy Gipson and client Brittany

Overland Park Personal Trainer Amy Gipson and client Brittany

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