Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park TRANSFORMER Stephanie Daratony!

Newlyweds Get in Shape Together at Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park!

A Note from Stephanie:

Working with Lisa and Jeff has been nothing short of amazing and I am so excited to share with you their transformation journey as newlyweds. Today’s focus though will be on Lisa and her drive that kick started it all! Lisa walked into Hitch Fit only 2 weeks after her wedding, sat me down, and said I am ready to transform. She was so excited to learn everything there was to know about nutrition, fitness, and goal setting. Three weeks into her transformation, her wedding dress was already falling off her! Lisa has had family members who underwent weight loss surgery, and Lisa came to me determined to find another route through healthy eating and fitness. Watching Lisa throughout this entire process has been so amazing – she has really embraced goal setting as a fun, exciting, and challenging part of personal growth. Watching her become more and more confident in who she is and what she is all about.



“This transformation at Hitch Fit is just the next step in the process of loving myself. Proving to myself that I am capable of accomplishing great, challenging things and that I deserve to take the time and energy to workout and fuel my body properly.” – Lisa

“Best decision we’ve made for ourselves and our marriage so far!”

Lisa’s Story:


“I married my best friend on September 20, 2014; by October 3, I had e-mailed Micah about Hitch Fit and the possibility of changing my life through health and fitness. I didn’t want our post-wedding life to be full of lazy nights and lavish dinners; we both love to cook (and eat), and the thought of regaining some or all of the weight I finally dropped from college was scary; I was a size 16 in 2010 and creeping back up there every week. I was familiar with the transformation process and had worked with Hitch Fit trainer Christian Lovell at the downtown location; I had an idea of what I was signing up for, but this time, I was fully committed to complete the diet and exercise as prescribed by my trainer. Years of yo-yo dieting and fads – Weight Watchers, P90X, etc. – hadn’t solved the underlying problem: my inactivity and cravings. After my initial meeting with Stephanie, Jeffrey decided to join me and we were suddenly newlyweds on a mission to change our lives, together, for the better.

When I met Stephanie, my number one concern was that I didn’t want to be hungry on this program. I hated the feeling of being hungry on other diets, and I was constantly having headaches from what I thought were dips in my blood sugar. I wasn’t hungry on this transformation plan and that has been such a relief. I have learned how to feed my body, what it needs to thrive, and what to avoid. Leading up to our wedding, we had alcoholic drinks and rich food fairly often – several times a week. Now, I feel the swelling in my joints and the complete discomfort after an alcoholic drink and a “cheat” meal. It is really helpful to know what your body feels like when it is healthy, consuming clean food, and getting fitness most days. Since I’ve been following the nutrition and exercise plan, my daily headaches have subsided; your body really does need food, often.

My husband, Jeffrey, has been an immense help regarding my self-esteem and body image since we met in 2012. Now that I’ve challenged myself with the transformation program and have succeeded in attaining my goals – loss of body fat, no longer “obese”, creation of healthy habits, nutrition – my self-esteem is through the roof. I am so proud of myself for sticking to a program for 12 weeks, through a honeymoon and the holidays, and for seeing positive results. Our marriage is stronger from pushing one another through the highs and lows of this fitness journey. We are committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and can’t wait to see more positive results together.

A lot of people ask me if this was an expensive financial commitment. Here’s my perspective: it was a more affordable option than maintaining my unhealthy, dissatisfying lifestyle and the pending health complications. It was more rewarding for me to need a wardrobe in regular women’s sizes – that I earned – than a plus-size wardrobe (which they don’t make for petites, anyway – I measure under five feet tall). Clean eating has saved us *hundreds* of dollars on groceries and dining out. We don’t roam any of the aisles in the middle of the store, save the spice aisle. Chicken, fish, vegetables, brown rice – our grocery shopping takes 20 minutes instead of an hour. Jeffrey really does curl bags of groceries to the car. Another cost savings: we’re eliminating our cable service at home because we’re never home to watch television due to being at the gym most nights of the week. We signed up for a gym membership in a unique way; the membership is in my name, but I get one guest every visit – I have to go to the gym when my husband wants to go, which is often. Best motivation, ever!!

I strive to be a better, stronger person than the day before, and I’ve been able to accomplish that goal thanks to the friendship and motivation I found at Hitch Fit. Stephanie has been the fitness friend I needed; someone to motivate me, be encouraging, but to also be honest when I needed to hear it. I feel like we’ve made a lifelong friend in Stephanie, and I’m so happy to have her as part of my success story! All of the trainers have been supremely encouraging through social media, sessions at the gym; everyone really just wants to see you succeed in your efforts. Something to keep in mind – and that I’ve struggled to keep in my mind – is that everyone will see different results in a different amount of time; the point is to keep going with the goal of simply being a better version of you, every day.

Hitch Fit has changed my life, our marriage, and my ONLY regret is that I didn’t start sooner.”

Throughout her transformation – Lisa has lost 10% body fat and is down a total of 22 lbs of pure fat. She has gained so much confidence in herself and is already setting new goals for 2015!

In the words of Lisa – “strive to be a better you, for you, every day.”


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