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Kansas City Woman Finds Fitness and Fun at Hitch Fit Gym!

A Note from Lesley:

“You can’t help but smile when Natalie is in the room. She is like a bright light and when I think about her it just makes me happy. Natalie came to me initially wanting a leaner body where she could feel comfortable wearing a bikini and overall just wanted to gain strength. She had done some cardio and mountain biking but wasn’t very experienced with weight training. She was very enthusiastic and eager to get started.

Kansas City Weight Loss Before and After Photos - Natalie

Kansas City Weight Loss Before and After Photos – Natalie

Natalie’s transformation was a bit of a slow one but I know she has learned so much along her journey. She has a high stress job and traveled out of town even out of the country a few times along the way. High stress = sleepless nights and we really talked about how getting the proper amount of sleep and reducing stress is beneficial to her transformation process and her overall health in general. Natalie’s body type is one I am extremely familiar with. This type of body is very easily transformed, however being that this type is not obese and there isn’t a great number of weight to lose, sometimes the transformation can go slowly because there is a false sense of “I don’t have very far to go so I can get away with XYZ”, which she mentions in her testimonial. It is the same thing I personally struggle with so I feel like I could relate with Natalie very well. Nutrition was a constant struggle for her but when she saw results I know it pushed her to work harder at making the right choices. I think she really began to see how all the aspects of the workouts and the nutrition fit together and started to see the bigger picture which is what transformation is all about.

Natalie always showed up for her workouts ready to work! She always kicked butt and had a positive attitude. I absolutely loved working with her and we became friends and always had plenty of good laughs! She lost 8.5% body fat and is yet another example of why you can’t be obsessed with the number on the scale because she only dropped a couple of pounds! Goes to show you how good nutrition and a combination of weight training and cardio WORKS! I just know she will continue with her journey and make even more progress.”


Before and After Weight Loss Kansas City - Natalie

Before and After Weight Loss Kansas City – Natalie

Before and After Back Weight Loss - Natalie

Before and After Back Weight Loss – Natalie



“I wish I could say that this experience was easy and that I was so motivated to make a change that I stuck to my meal and workout plans 100%. This could not be more far from the truth (which I learned the hard way throughout my transformation).
I like food. My favorite foods are baked goods and vegetables and I love to eat my feelings (all of my feelings: happy to sad and everywhere in between). I thought I had large amounts of self control and discipline and that I just needed a kick in the pants (aka Lesley Gaines) to help get my lazy butt back in shape. This is also not true (which I learned the hard way throughout my transformation). My goal when I first reached out to Hitch Fit was to learn how to properly strength train and build muscle. I had always been involved in sports where running and cardio was the dominant workout but I wasn’t happy with what I saw in the mirror and my dainty and unconfident attempts to use weights at the gym were worthless and honestly I had no idea what I was doing. I wanted to change that.
Let me tell you about Lesley. Lesley is an angel sent from the heavens and being a personal trainer is what I believe she was sent here to do. She is incredibly patient, sympathetic and relatable as she has gone through the same transformation that we all go to Hitch Fit for. Don’t let me fool you though, she will kick your butt in every workout and when you think you can’t possibly do one more squat or one more rep of anything she helps you find your inner hulk and then you make that workout your bitch. Boom. Domination. I walked out of every workout with Lesley feeling invincible.
I cannot tell you how many morning workouts I had with Lesley that left me laughing hysterically! Whether it was a hilarious cat story, Lesley randomly breaking out into her booty jacking dance club moves or a hilariously inappropriate song that starts playing in the gym and then no one claims ownership of the phone that it is coming from. Hilarious.
Remember: Sweat is fat crying. Don’t wear heels after leg day (Trust me. When you think you won’t be sore, you will be. Save yourself the embarrassment at the office).
I struggled a lot throughout this experience: not sticking to my meal plan, missing workouts. All of my struggles were due to my excuses-not managing my stress in a healthy way, the weather is cold so I can’t workout, it’s not even light out at 5:30am, I can eat just one cookie, etc. The number one thing that I actually believed justified my deviations from my workout and meal plans (and I am a little embarrassed to actually admit this) was the thought that “I don’t have that much weight to lose compared to others and therefore I have wiggle room in my plans.” I don’t know why I created this false belief but it heavily impacted my transformation results (or lack thereof). These excuses and thoughts led me to sabotage my own progress. Don’t let this happen to you! Your plan is tailored to YOU. Progress is earned the old fashioned way-sweat, tears and a lot of chicken & vegetables.
I can honestly say that I have more work to do to get to where I want to be but Lesley gave me the tools and know-how to get there. The rest is up to me. I have learned a lot throughout this process-about strength training and myself and I am extremely proud of how far I have come. BUT I am even more excited to keep going.
I strongly recommend Lesley as a personal trainer. She is an amazing person and I am grateful to now have her as a friend!”

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