Overland Park Personal Training Client Loses Weight at Hitch Fit Gym!

//Overland Park Personal Training Client Loses Weight at Hitch Fit Gym!

Overland Park Personal Training Client Loses Weight at Hitch Fit Gym!

Veronica shed 13 pounds and dropped body fat from 22% to 15%!

Veronica Before and after front

Veronica Before and after side

Veronica Before and AFter BAck


Veronica’s story: 
“I am a 39 year old mother of 3 and have my confidence back!!!i feel so much better and actually have muscles I never even knew I could get!! This crazy!! I look better than I did when I was 20 years old with no kids. I used to get sick all the time, the flu at least 3 times a year, I was always tired, never hungry and always had headaches. At first when I came to my trainer at Hitch Fit, I was a bit scared of what he was going to have me do. I also was unsure of myself if I could actually lose the weight I wanted to lose along with the body fat that was depressing me. He explained to me that it wasn’t going to happen over night and that I really have to be sure of myself that if I had the slightest doubt that I can do this that maybe it’s not my time to go through with this. That’s when it all clicked for me. I knew I wanted this bad enough so I was going to go through with it. 16 weeks later, I’ve never felt so alive and happy!!! I’m down 13lbs and my bodyfat% has gone from 22.36 to 15.03%. I’m so happy that I made this decision for myself to change my life around!! He told me that I am too selfless and I need to look out for me!! Having 3 kids and juggling a schedule around to fit their needs has always been a problem for me but now I make time for myself!! Thankyou Bryan!!!!! I couldn’t have done it without you!!!!” 



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