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Does Hitch Fit Work with Clients In Their 50s? YES!!!

Vicki’s Stats:

-10 lbs

-10.3% Body fat

– 21.1 lbs Fat Mass

+12 lbs Lean Body Mass

Vicki Before and After Front

Vicki Before and after back

Vicki’s Testimonial!

Over the past several years I prematurely lost a brother to heart disease, I have a family history of heart disease, and I’ve watched my parent’s age. I knew a couple things: I wanted to live my life as fully and healthy as possible as I enter middle age and beyond; and I won’t want to be an undue burden to my children due to poor healthy choices that could have been prevented.

Our food choices have drastically changed since we had children at home so that component was in check. However, the fitness portion of my life has gone up and down over the years. I decided I needed to seriously commit to a healthy fitness routine. As I know myself so well and based upon previous experience, I knew the only way for my success as it had to be uber convenient and I needed accountability. After some research, I decided to enroll with Hitch Fit and work with a personal trainer. From a convenience standpoint, it is two stop lights from my work.

My first training session with Mica was on my actual birthday, so I felt that was a huge commitment in-of-itself. I had one big question: does she work with clients who are in their 50’s as I wasn’t as youthful as many of the people I saw in the gym and I knew the end product was not a transformation into a 20 year old, but a healthier/fit version of a 54 year old. She passed that test informed me she works with many clients that are in my age group.

We set out on a plane over the past several months she has pushed me and held me accountability two evenings a week. Exclusive to winter, I augment my training sessions with walking. I am honest with her and tell her my body is not sore so she will throw ina session to work my muscles in a totally different way. She doesn’t take my crap and ignores my eye rolling, but I could not be happier with the results. Besides my trainer, she has become my friend/counselor/food consultant.

As I look toward my next birthday, I cannot help but reflect on the previous year and my response in on of thankfulness for my healthy and family for encouraging me, and thinking it was the best birthday present to myself!”

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