Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Downtown Personal Trainer – TRANSFORMER Alejandra (Alex) Nixon

Roxy learned how to Lose Body Fat and Build Confidence at Hitch Fit Gym!

A note from Alex:

“Roxanne started with Hitch Fit back in May when she decided it was time for her to take charge of her body and eating habits. She came in wanting to have a trainer to guide her and push her to her limits in order to show progress in herself and self image. I believed from day one Roxanne (Roxy) has always had the potential of becoming very successful in her fitness journey but I also knew this was the time for me to help her reach that point. I am just so happy and excited to know that I was able to be part of it and see her succeed on so many levels.

This lady from day one was a fighter. I remember taking her to the lovely and famous “red hill” and she was disappointed in herself because she needed to stop in the middle of the way in order for her to catch her breath. In which I remember specifically telling her when you finish your transformation you are not only going to be able to run it without taking a break but also be able to do other exercises in between. And of course she did!!! This young woman blossomed into a flower full of passion, determination and full of aspirations such as wanting to step on stage next year. And guess what? I am here to take her to the next level.

Roxanne, you have really outdone yourself and I can’t wait to see you shine with that huge smile of yours on stage. You have transformed yourself into an image that will not only motivate others but inspire them to know that anything you put your mind to, you CAN and WILL accomplish it. Congratulations Roxy!!!!”

Roxy’s Stats:

Starting weight: 149.2

Ending weight: 143.4

Starting body fat: 26%

Ending body fat: 19%

Roxy learned to Lose Body Fat and Gain Confidence!

Lose Body Fat and Gain Confidence!

Before and After Weight Loss at Hitch Fit Gym

Before and After Weight Loss at Hitch Fit Gym

Before and After losing body fat at Hitch Fit

Before and After after Losing Body Fat at Hitch Fit

Roxy’s Story:

“Growing up I was one of those people who was very slender and could eat anything and not work out without gaining a pound…and then I hit 30 and my body definitely started to change! I had a demanding job where I worked ridiculous hours and those days of eating whatever had caught up with me and my waistline. My life consisted of Starbucks in the morning, fast food for lunch (if I had time to even grab lunch) and eating out for dinner with a glass of wine. I had always said “when you look good you feel good” and I definitely did not feel good about the way I looked anymore.

I made a career change that provided more work life balance and after looking at the Hitch Fit website for a couple of months and reading every testimonial I finally decided to reach out. I met with Alex Nixon and from the moment I met her we clicked. She told me she had been through the transformation process herself so she truly believed in it. We discussed my current lifestyle and habits, took measurements (which can be daunting but also a reality check) and what my goals were.

For our first training session Alex took me to “the hill”. I remember having to take multiple breaks because I kept getting dizzy. The next couple of weeks were tough and I’m not going to lie every muscle in my body hurt but after the second week my body started to adjust to the new schedule and diet and I started to notice how much more energy I had which motivated me to work harder so I increased my training sessions from 2 to 3 per week.

I can’t even begin to tell you what an amazing Coach Alex is! Alex helped me realize how strong I am mentally and physically and helped build my confidence back up. Alex pushed me every step of the way and made me do things I had no idea I was capable of. I wasn’t always the most graceful at some of the exercises but we definitely had some good laughs! I couldn’t have done this without Alex and I can’t wait to tackle our next fitness journey together!

My 12 weeks ended the week of my 33rd birthday and I am amazed at the outcome! Looking back now, I think the hardest part of this journey was getting the courage to reach out to Hitch Fit. Hitch Fit truly is a total lifestyle transformation and I promise you if you follow the diet and take your workouts serious you are going to see incredible results!”

Roxy and Bilingual Personal Trainer Alex Nixon

Roxy and Bilingual Personal Trainer Alex Nixon



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