Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park Personal Trainer TRANSFORMER Kali Boehm
50 and FIT! Overland Park Personal Training Client Gets in Amazing Shape!
Marcella’s Stats:
Starting weight: 146.6
Ending weight: 132.2
Starting body fat: 26.81%
Ending body fat: 18.7%
Fit over 50! This Hitch Fit client got in awesome shape!

Fit over 50! This Hitch Fit client got in awesome shape!

50 and Fit! Marcella got in great shape at Hitch Fit!

50 and Fit! Marcella got in great shape at Hitch Fit!

Before and after back images - 50 and FIT!

Before and After back images – 50 and FIT!

Marcella’s Story:
I had planned to train and participate in a full distance Ironman in 2015 to celebrate my 50th birthday. When those plans fell through due to personal and work related reasons, I decided to look for a new challenge. I revisited the HitchFit website, looking for more information. I decided that I would try a 12 week transformation program and I picked Kali, based only on the fact she was wearing regular clothes and not a competition bikini! She was the least threatening of the trainers pictured (I would later learn that they are not threatening at all and that they go out of their way to help you out and support you).
I had an instant bond with Kali as soon as I met her. She asked me how I had heard about Hitch Fit and I said that I knew of a girl who had competed. Kali asked me: “Do you want to compete?” My response was “Probably not, but I would like to be in shape enough to do it if I want to”. Thus we started our 12 week journey where we met twice a week and I completed the rest of the workout on my own. Kali emailed me the workouts I did every time we met. I exercised 6 times a week. Kali also had me use Fitness Pal, an app to track my food intake. She modified my macros as I progressed in the plan. At the end of the 12 week program, I decided that I wanted to continue and try to get in shape to participate in the bikini competition scheduled in May 2015 in Kansas City Missouri. Thus, the journey became an 8 month long one! I worked out very intensely and was faithful in my food consumption most of the time. I had an easier time with the workouts than with the food! (Sigh)
Kali was always very supportive and encouraging and she varied the workouts throughout the program. The workouts helped me get stronger and I had a PR when I ran a half marathon in 1.51 hours while in training. The Hitch Fit trainers were very supportive and helped me with posing when I was getting ready to compete.
I decided to actually compete because I was proud of what I had accomplished and I thought it would be something fun and completely out of character for me to do to celebrate my 50th birthday! I had my family’s support and while I was completely freaked out the day of the event, knowing they were out there helped me step on that stage. Kali was, of course, by my side!
Competing was a very scary proposition for me, but I am proud I found out I had the will and why not, the guts to do it!
I am back to training for triathlons now, but I hope to return to Hitch Fit and Kali in the future.

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