TRANSFORMATION by Hitch Fit Gym TRANSFORMER SARA SUTHERLAND – Overland Park location (91st & Metcalf, next to Whole Foods)
Kansas City Woman Sheds 18% Body Fat and Competes in WBFF Fitness Model Show!
A note from Sara:
“Where do I begin?!? Ashley’s transformation journey started over a year and a half ago and she turned fitness into a lifestyle by kicking butt and learning so much about nutrition along the way! She never said “no” or “I can’t” in the gym and I pushed her to the max during workouts. She lifted heavy and hard, never complained, focused on her end goal and never looked back! It is my honor to share her story with you… big things coming for this girl! She shed a total of 18.34% body fat while gaining 13.6 lbs of lean mass!! I am SO proud of you!”
Before and After Fitness Model Transformation - Ashley

Before and After Fitness Model Transformation – Ashley

Before and After Fitness Model Transformation Photos - Ashley

Before and After Fitness Model Transformation Photos – Ashley

Before and After booty Pictures - Fitness Model Ashley

Before and After Booty Pictures – Fitness Model Ashley

Ashley’s Stats:
Start: January 3, 2013 at 137.2 lbs and 29.60% body fat
Start #2: February 12, 2014 at 138.8 and 17.22%
Finish: May 27, 2014 at 133.8 lbs and 11.26% body fat

Ashley’s Transformation Story:
My relationship with the wonderful folks at HitchFit began in January 2012. I purchased a Groupon for 2 personal training sessions. While I had always been active and belonged to a gym, I didn’t go consistently. Traveling for work and working long hours let me to an unhealthy lifestyle of ordering in meals with my co-workers and skipping my gym time. I had packed on some unwanted fat and was struggling to get it off. When I saw the Groupon, I thought I would give the personal training a try. After the 2 introductory sessions, I was hooked. I saw the thousands of transformations that lined the wall, and heard all the wonderful success stories, I decided I wanted to try a program. I wanted my own transformation story, so I began a 12 week program with Sara Sutherland. I began seeing results right away, dropping body fat, lifting more weight than I had ever before and watching my diet.
I wish I could say 12 weeks later, I had my dream body and that was that. However, it was not that easy. Eight weeks into my 12 week program, I was put on an out of state assignment with work. I was gone for six weeks and my training had stopped. I was working 14 hour days, ordering in 3 meals a day with my team and my HitchFit ways were gone. Just like that. That was attempt #1.
As summer approached, I was still unhappy with my body. It was like she read my mind. Sara called to tell me that I had one session remaining as I had prepaid for several. When I came in for that final session, it was six weeks from the WBFF World Championship in Vegas. The majority of the trainers were in contest mode and were prepping for the stage. They were in such great shape and looked fantastic. I began asking questions about the competitions. I was intrigued and interested in hearing more. I heard nothing but great things about competing with the WBFF, and I thought, ‘I wonder if I could do that? Someday?’
At the end of that summer, I had a friend that wanted to try the HitchFit program. It was perfect timing. I couldn’t wait to start another program. This time I was determined to stick it out to the end. I had started a new job…no more traveling, no more late night dinners at the office. This was it. We did a couples program and split the cost of the training sessions. I loved the group trainings. I pushed myself harder than before, and we encouraged each other. This time, I was better on the diet and I was seeing results again. Six weeks into the program, we stopped. The timing wasn’t working out for the group sessions, but I was loving the results I was seeing and my new lifestyle.
That was attempt #2. And that was when I decided that I was going to compete at the WBFF US Central Championships in Kansas City.
My Journey to the Stage:
It was when I committed to competing that I really started to see the changes I was looking for all along. This time was different. For the first time, I was committed to the diet. I was focused and determined to succeed. I had paid my money to register for the competition, but more importantly I was TELLING people that I was going to compete. I couldn’t back out and I certainly didn’t want to step on that stage looking anything less than my best.
In the beginning, my goal was to not embarrass myself standing next to the other competitors. It was a bucket list item, I just wanted to get in shape and compete just once. However, as the competition drew closer I realized how much I was enjoying the process and the prep, my goals quickly changed. I not only wanted to step on stage, but I wanted to COMPETE. I wanted to bring my best package to that stage and feel proud of what I had accomplished. In my first competition, I placed 6th out of a large group of more than 30 amazing women. I loved the journey and everyone that I met along the way. I can’t wait until the day that I can compete again!
Through this process, not only have I gained confidence and the best body that I have ever had, but I have met some wonderful people along the way and have gained some life-long friends. I can honestly say that trainers at HitchFit are top-notch. They work hard, push their clients even harder, and most importantly truly care about their clients. If you are looking to transform your body and a lifestyle change, I highly recommend Sara Sutherland at HitchFit. Each workout she pushed me to my limits (and then some!) and her motivation was a crucial part of my success. I can only hope that someday I will inspire others, just as she has inspired me!
Top three things that I learned during my transformation:
1) Diet is 80% of the battle
2) Consistency is key
3) Enjoy the journey ☺ Being healthy is a lifestyle
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