Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym TRANSFORMER Lesley Gaines! Downtown Kansas City location (3036 Gillham Rd. KCMO 64108)

Kansas City Woman Sheds Body Fat with Hitch Fit Personal Training!

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A note from Hitch Fit TRANSFORMER Lesley:

“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Lisa for her transformation. I could tell during her first few sessions she was nervous and unsure but she had nothing to worry about because she nailed her transformation! She came to me interested in losing body fat and seeing muscle definition and she did just that! I mean wow, look at those arms! Lisa is also a prime example of why you can’t obsess over scale weight. She lost 10% body fat and the scale never moved. As a matter of fact, it increased a few pounds because of her muscle!

My favorite thing about Lisa is her positive attitude and willingness to try whatever I gave her. She always worked hard during her workouts and never complained. Lisa is a single mom with a full-time job and she never made excuses. She found a way to fit nutrition and workouts into her busy schedule and made it a prioity. We extended her transformation into 16 weeks due to a minor injury that she had to rest, but she never lost determination or focus. She didn’t like having to miss a workout and I could tell she was really starting to love it and make it a lifestyle which is exciting and what Hitch Fit is all about!

Lisa is a great friend and I couldn’t be more proud of her! I am looking forward to keep working with her as she wants to continue on her journey to get even more muscle definition and I know she will be successful. She is truly a beautiful person inside and out. Way to go Lisa!”

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Lisa’s story:

I got in touch with Hitch Fit because
I wanted to make a difference for me and for my daughter.
I wanted to set a good example and I wanted to step out of my routine.
I had always run but that was not doing the trick anymore.
My cardio routine was sketchy at best.

One day I finally got the courage to change! To do it!
I walked into the Hitch Fit so scared, self conscious and nervous!
Scared I couldn’t do it and wouldn’t, self conscious that everyone was going to be perfect and I wasn’t and nervous
because it was so unfamiliar and change is hard.

The first day I met with Lesley Gaines she put me right at ease!
We would visit about what I wanted and why I was there!
She explained what I would need to do to get the results I wanted and then put me through a little mini work out.
I had to figure out how to make it work into my schedule and Lesley’s.
We did it and Lesley was so amazing and accommodating!

Lesley is a great friend and trainer! She never pressured or made me feel anything other then strong!
She made me believe I could do whatever she asked me to do!(I questioned her the whole time silently :))
However every time she gave me a challenge I did it!
This experience has been an amazing journey.
I thought I was coming to Hitch Fit just to feel better about my appearance but turns out
It was much more! I have become stronger physically but I also became stronger mentally!
It is amazing surrounding yourself with people that are so positive and encouraging!
I always told Lesley that she was my therapy!

I can’t express my gratitude enough to my wonderful friend Lesley for being there and giving me the
Encouragement and for making me want more! One of the greatest experiences I have ever done!
On a final note I may not have ever believed this really worked had I not watch the transformation of friends that had
Gone through this before me! It was proof it worked.

A huge Thank you to everyone at Hitch Fit and especially Lesley for caring!


Are YOU Ready for YOUR Transformation with Lesley?

Call or text 816-674-3213 or write to [email protected]

Or call 816-753-8900 and request to train with Lesley!


If you are in the Overland Park area and prefer to train at the Hitch Fit Gym location at 91st & Metcalf next to Whole Foods Market, contact us at 816-753-8900 and we will set you up with a TRANSFORMATION TRAINER at that location.

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