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Divine’s story of coming back to life after the tragic loss of her mother in the Joplin Tornado, is an inspirational one. She lost her motivation after suffering this loss which no one should have to experience, but she found herself again, regained her confidence and motivation through her time at Hitch Fit Gym. Amazing job Divine, very proud of you!

Divine before and after front

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Divine’s Story:

“My story started one Friday morning in May, feeling the same way I was feeling the past few months, depressed. Except for that day I felt more depressed than anything else, not to mention the hangover that I was nursing because I went out the night before just to forget things for a little bit. I dealt with depression after I lost my mom from a tragedy that some may be familiar with— the “Joplin Tornado”. At first I thought I was just going through a phase where I was just coping or dealing with the loss of a loved one. Next thing I know I wasn’t feeling like myself anymore. I have lost my motivation to live life in a positive way and did not see anything good in it.

I have always enjoyed going to the gym prior to losing my mom, but after that, I had NO motivation at all—or no motivation on making the right choices on how to take care of myself! Another thing is, being the social butterfly that I am, I have always liked to party, except for the difference on those days is I drank to forget how much I was hurting. Next thing I knew, I was going out not only on the weekends but also on a random weeknight. Then I unconsciously started not giving a care how I was nourishing my body or staying active.

So going back to that Friday morning, I knew there was something wrong, and I knew that if I didn’t do anything about it, it will only get worse. I decided that day that I did not want to feel like that anymore, and I had to make a choice to give myself a chance to make a change. Whether it is a permanent change or for the moment, all I know is I was tired of feeling that way, and something had to be done. So after doing some research, I stumbled upon HitchFit and read Lindsay’s (Hitch Fit transformation) story. And I told myself, if she can do that… I CAN DO THAT!!!

I never felt like the fat girl, I wanted to do this to feel like me again. So after meeting with my trainer, I had an eye opener how I have let myself go, I did not realize that I had more than 30% body fat! And when he showed me the photo that we took for my “before” photo, I was mad than anything else, I was mad at myself and how I have let myself be that way. Physically, I never felt like I had 30% body fat and did not really feel like crap, but after seeing the reality; it felt like I got hit by the “truth bus”. He explained to me that I am a “skinny fat”. And then it made sense— just because I don’t feel like the fat girl does not mean that I don’t have harmful fat to lose! So I decided to commit to this program and give it a shot, after all, I was looking for a change.

I remember our first session, it was LEG DAY… and holy moly, I wanted to kill my trainer Josh the next day!!! I realized how long it has been since my legs got a workout. I couldn’t believe that I was in excruciating pain for experiencing DOMS just by doing simple lunges and box jumps. I also remember the first day that I attempted to go for a “run”, I wanted to die after “running” (it was probably more like jogging) after a quarter of a mile! I probably could have waved the white flag that first week, but I knew that if I did that I would be failing myself and no one can save me from my misery but me. So slowly but surely, I started to enjoy going to the gym and sweating it out! One thing that I loved about working with Josh was he made me feel like he’s always there even on the days that we did not meet, because I got to text, call or message him for any questions that I have.

(I received my) meal plan (and that was probably one of the biggest challenge of this whole journey)- and yes, I will admit it, I stuck with it for a good 30ish days, meaning no cheat meals or alcohol, but as a human with weaknesses, it happened, I fell off. But it never stopped me from working out; I was still religious on that department. But on the weekends, I definitely did not follow my meal plan. I hate to admit that, but I feel like this story deserves every truth. I must say, even if I “fell off” the wagon, I was still able to make “better choices” when I would go out. I found myself no longer binge drinking or eating junk food, I tried to ALWAYS do a healthier version of whatever I was eating or drinking all in moderation.

After our 12th week, meeting with Josh slowed down for a little bit due to our conflicting schedules, but I found myself working out on my own and making my friends go with me. Suddenly I realized that my friends and I have more than just partying to enjoy each others’ company, we used the gym as another reason to hang out or push each other. That’s another great reward that I gained from this; is that I was able to influence others and letting others influence me by pushing me on making the right choices.

Then another obstacle came, I hit the dreadful plateau, this hump was tougher than I thought. Except for this time, I did not let it destroy me or make me feel depressed again. Josh and I sat down and discussed how we were going to overcome it; we had to change my meal plan and my work out routine. My body got used to doing the same routine that it needed a jump start. He made me choose “THE DAY” (our photoshoot for the “after” photos)… and it hit me, “this is it Divine, it’s now or never” — so I stuck w/ my meal plan, and had to make a rule to my friends: that if you’re calling/texting me and it’s not about going to the gym, don’t bother. I really wanted to finish—so I told myself, that I am going to finish what I started. So the last 4 weeks, Josh and I worked really hard. Yes, WE worked hard, it wasn’t just all about me, because when I found myself saying, “I can’t”— he tells me “yes you can”, and sure enough, I CAN!!! I could not believe that I started to love the burn. I enjoyed lifting weights and loved it when I’m getting challenged to lift heavier. I started participating in 5K runs and not hating running anymore. I also enjoyed trying a variety of things such as hot yoga, bootcamp classes and HIIT for my cardio.

And then there was the dreadful scale— I got on the scale and I was weighing the same as when I started. For a minute, I felt really sad and annoyed because I felt like my hard work was not paying off— then Josh showed me the first photo that we took on the first day, I look A LOT different, and the best part, is I felt a lot different. I learned that I should not pay attention to the scale and listen to what my body is telling me instead.

The biggest part of the battle that I felt like I have won was when I realized that I was no longer taking the same amount of depression meds— I started to wean myself off of them. I found myself going to the gym to release stress. I stopped dwelling on the fact that I dealt with depression. I CANNOT believe how making that choice that Friday morning changed my life. Sure I look better, but the best part is I feel better, not because I look better, it’s because how I view things differently. I have learned to love myself and how not to let challenges get to me- and all I needed to do is face it, and figure out how to fight the battle. HitchFit helped me so much in having a totally different perspective on health and life. The people that I met along the way inspired me so much that I have so much respect for them. Some of them participate in figure competitions, before HitchFit, I thought of them as vain people… now, I look at them and all I see is discipline. I found that I was surrounded with these people full of discipline and are definitely willing to give you their support.

I would like to thank everyone who became a part of this journey— from my workout buddies all the way to my co-workers. I am so blessed that these people have given me the kind of support that I did not deserve. Thank you for pushing me on the days that I felt like saying, “I’ll take the day off” – and they would simply reply, “No you’re not, you’re going to thank yourself for going”. We all have different reasons why we choose to make a change, but we must remember that we must make the CHOICE first, that way we can give ourselves the CHANCE to CHANGE. As to what the other stories have inspired me to make that first step, I hope my story inspires you to making that first step to whatever you decide to do, whether it’s an after baby weight loss or just self improvement. Just DO IT!”


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