Transformation by Hitch Fit Gym Transformer – Kansas City Personal Trainer Eric Reynolds
Kansas City Weight Loss – Cancer Survivor loses 35 Pounds!
Vicki’s Stats:
Vicki’s Hitch Fit Transformation results exceeded her expectations!
· Starting Weight: 160 lbs – Ending Weight: 125 lbs (35 lbs lost)
· Starting Body Fat: 35% – Ending Body Fat: 19% (16% body fat lost)
· 4 ¾ inches lost around her waist & 5 ½ inches lost around her hips.
Kansas City Weight Loss - Cancer Survivor Loses 35 Pounds
Kansas City Weight Loss - Cancer Survivor Loses 35 Pounds at Hitch Fit Gym
Vicki’s Story:
Before Hitch Fit:
Vicki was already successful before entering Hitch Fit. Vicki is a breast cancer survivor. Anyone who has dealt with cancer knows what a fight that can be. Vicki explains what a toll that took on her body, “In 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. My body changed significantly as a result of surgery, treatment and turning 50. I gained more than 30 pounds, couldn’t fit in my work clothes, and had the energy of an old cat. I feared I would never return to my pre-cancer/pre-50 weight.”
Joining Hitch Fit Personal Training
Vicki had a strong desire to get her life headed in a healthy direction. When exploring options, she thought about her nephew. Her nephew is a Hitch Fit Transformation. He lost weight, toned up, and maintained his progress. This inspired Vicki to try Hitch Fit. Vicki knew she could get results through HitchFit because of the results her nephew had, but she had no idea what those would look like exactly. Vicki met with Hitch Fit Transformation Trainer Eric Reynolds. Each and every week, Vicki brought a strong will and dedication to her Hitch Fit journey. Vicki began to understand the importance of both the exercise side of fitness and also the nutritional aspect. Vicki stayed the coarse, rarely deviating from the plan. Vicki said, “My trainer, Eric, assured me that transformation was possible if I followed the plan. As he told me, it’s 80% food and 20% exercise.”
When discussing the customized nutrition plan, Vicki said, “I always thought I understood the right things to eat; but once I started the meal plan, I understood I didn’t really know the right things to eat and when. I like the meal plan because it allowed me to plan and not have to make decisions about what to eat at the spur of the moment.” What would Vicki say to encourage someone who was implementing a healthy nutrition plan? “It made it a lot easier for me that my husband was pretty much willing to eat the same types of food I was eating,” Vicki observed.
Vicki worked hard in the gym with each and every workout. Some sessions seemed more difficult than others, but she persevered. Vicki says, “There were peaks and valleys, but Eric never made me so miserable that I didn’t want to come back. In fact, I have become a little addicted to it. I had things that would come up that would cause me to temporarily abandon my exercise and meal plan like vacations and work events. But as long as I didn’t take long breaks and I came back to the meal plan and the exercise, it seemed to work out fine.” In this observation, Vicki has just articulated the key to this becoming a lifestyle. Life will happen. But these will be small moments; always come back to your regular routine of healthy eating and healthy living. What was Vicki’s favorite exercise? “Hmmm…if you asked me what the worst part was, that’s easy to answer: LUNGES! Otherwise, I liked the way my body changed and my clothes fit differently.”
Vicki enjoyed her journey at Hitch Fit. She appreciated how her trainer, Eric, kept her accountable and helped her to her goal without any feelings of judgment. And Vicki says “Because of my new found health and fitness, I am happier at home and at work.”
Like her favorite quote says: “Success breeds confidence.” -Beryl Markham
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The atmosphere at Hitch Fit is so positive – I really thought my trainer made it easy.”
Kansas City Weight Loss at Hitch Fit Gym Personal Training with Eric Reynolds.

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