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12 Week Weight Loss Overland Park - Hitch Fit Gym Personal Training - Viktoria


Viktoria came to Hitch Fit in April 2016 and walked out of Hitch Fit 12 weeks later completely transformed – mentally, physically, and emotionally. In just three short months, she went from feeling overwhelmed to on top of the world. Throughout the course of her transformation Viktoria has lost 7 inches around her waist and 4 inches around her hips. She has dropped over 14lbs of fat and has lost a total of 7.45% body fat.
Coming out of this journey, Viktoria has gained not only confidence in the gym but confidence in herself and her everyday life. Viktoria’s strength has come so far, and I am so proud of how hard she has worked to accomplish such an amazing transformation. Viktoria was always on plan, always asking questions, always trying to learn as much as she could from the transformation process and the effort shows.
12 Week Weight Loss Overland Park - Before and After Hitch Fit Personal Training Viktoria
Overland Park Personal Training - Before and After 12 Week Weight Loss Viktoria
Overland Park Personal Training - 12 Week Weight Loss Before and After Viktoria
Victoria’s Story:
“ With my 30th birthday around the corner I knew I had to make a lifestyle change. I understood the basic concept – eat healthy and exercise but with the amount of information on the internet and in magazine’s I frequently subscribed to I was feeling overwhelmed as to how to start and more importantly how to stay consistent and on track.
I needed help holding myself accountable, learning how to navigate in the weight room and keep a diet that was both satisfying and easy, I am NOT a cook.
I started searching for workout and diet plans online and came across Hitch Fit Personal Training in Overland Park. Browsing through their website I knew this was exactly what I needed – a timeline, a plan, coaching and someone to hold me accountable.
I reached out to one of the trainers at Hitch Fit Gym Overland Park and was so excited to hear from her the next day. The following day, I went in for my consult and was ready to start.
I was a competitive gymnast for 6 years and a cheerleader in high school, so I went in on my first day feeling confident about my workout. I must not know how to do math because that was over 10 years ago and my body was not as capable as my brain thought it was. The first day, 20 minutes in, I felt light headed and nauseous. I walked out at the end of it embarrassed but determined. 3 weeks in, I was still struggling to curl 8lb dumbbells. That was my reality check on just how out of shape I was and how much I really needed this program. Today, I am able to curl 20lb dumbbells which is a testament to my strength gain throughout the program!
The meal plan was always easy for me to follow– I like eating throughout the day, so being told to eat 5 times a day was perfect! Plus my boyfriend has always ate clean, so we meal prepped together on Sunday’s. My biggest frustration was the number on the scale. I assumed my weight would just “fall off” and got upset when it didn’t. But my trainer was there to reassure me it’s not all about the number on the scale and as the weeks went on my friends and coworkers starting commenting on the positive changes they were seeing. That gave me the motivation to keep working hard.
I love the results I’ve accomplished in 3 months – I feel and look stronger, I have more endurance, my clothes fit better and I’m not trying to cover myself up with flowy shirts. I have zero back pain, healthier looking skin and no more stomach issues! In general I have so much more confidence in and out of the gym.
Even though my 3 month transformation program is over, I’m still following the diet and exercise plan. I’m keeping my options open as to where this new lifestyle will take me. In the near future it’s going to take me to Las Vegas to celebrate my 30th Birthday with style, confidence, and a new stronger leaner body!”

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