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Better Kansas City Lisa Teachman Gets Hitch Fit!

After seeing countless Hitch Fit transformations on the Better Kansas City show, show co-host & KCTV5 Meteorologist Lisa Teachman decided that she was ready for her own transformation! Lisa did an incredible job, finally achieved the fitness goals that had been eluding her after trying other popular weight loss programs!

Lisa lost 12 pounds and 12% body fat while working with Diana. She is a bright shining example of fit and healthy living for Kansas City!

KCTV5's Better Kansas City co-host Lisa Teachman got in shape with Hitch Fit!

Lisa’s Testimonial:

“Ever since I was a little kid, I battled weight issues. I remember being an 8th grader and wearing size 14 jeans. Sure I was tall, but my weight definitely stood out among my friends. The summer right before my freshman year of high school, I did a lot of unhealthy things to drop the weight. And I did lose a lot…but I wish that I knew then what I know now. And it’s all because of Hitch Fit!

As time went by and life went on, the weight started to slowly come back. A little over 2.5 years ago, I decided to get serious. I lost several pounds, but I found that I kept struggling. I kept thinking that I was eating the right foods and doing the right workouts. I wasn’t! And it was incredibly frustrating as I saw the scale start to climb again.

Years ago, I heard about Hitch Fit and I saw the success stories. It wasn’t until I was working on the KCTV5 Better KC Show that I came across some incredible transformations. When I saw a 60-year old grandma on our show, talking about her transformation and seeing how awesome she looks now, I knew I had to take action.

It’s amazing that in only 12 weeks, I have been able to see such progress and feel so many changes in my body that I wasn’t able to do in the last 2.5 years on my own. Since eating more protein and the right kinds of foods, I have seen not only my waist and hips shrink, but I have gained a lot of hair! That’s right! Hair! My hair was honestly thinning in places, including my eyebrows. Since starting Hitch Fit, my hairdresser’s been shocked to see so much regrowth!

I have a much better understanding and relationship with food now. I know what to eat and what foods to avoid. My body has undergone a huge transformation and now the “bad” foods just don’t sit so well with me anymore. This is a lifestyle for me that I will continue for the rest of my life. My family has also adopted the healthier eating habits. My husband doesn’t miss bacon nor bread anymore! LOL!

Thank you, Hitch Fit!!!”


Kansas City Personal Training - Before and After Weight Loss of Lisa TeachmanBetter Kansas City's Lisa Teachman Gets Hitch Fit! Better Kansas City Lisa Teachman Gets Hitch Fit!

Better Kansas City Host Lisa Teachman Lost Weight with Hitch FitKansas City Top Personal Trainer Diana Chaloux - LaCerte and Lisa Teachman flexing!



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