Hitch Fit Gym has two private personal training studios in the Kansas City area:

Downtown/Midtown Kansas City – 3036 Gillham Rd. KCMO 64108

Overland Park, KS at 91st & Metcalf next to Whole Foods Market.

To work with one of the Hitch Fit TRANSFORMATION Personal Trainers at either location call 816-753-8900 or write to [email protected] for details on rates and how our programs work.

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Tami’s Story:
Hitch Fit transformation – Round Two. After my first successful transformation in 2010, after having had my son, I was excited to finally feel more healthy and energetic than I ever had but I knew there was still a part of me that wanted more. I knew in my heart that I wanted to do something spectacular for myself and break out of the protective shell I had always found comfort in. I wanted to step on stage with The WBFF. This uber goal of mine did not come instantly. It took 3 years to mentally and emotionally prepare myself for the hard work that was to come but I knew the reward would be far greater than the investment.
I have been physically active in the gym for several years so I had a great foundation to build on. Training was hard work but the physical aspect was a cakewalk when up against the emotional aspect. I quickly realized that two things were necessary for me to be successful. One, I needed a consistent workout parter and two, I needed to surround myself with a support system and positive energy. These two pieces I found critical so I would be pushed to the limits at the gym and also to help drive me when self-doubts would creep up
I have many people to thank for supporting me in many ways throughout my competition prep and each act of kindness will always be remembered. Thank you all! From a training aspect I learned more about my body and nutrition than I ever had. Most importantly, I have learned how my body, in particular, processes food and that which makes me different from anyone else (as we are all different and our bodies respond in unique ways). In review, the most grueling part was the last month and trying to get my body fat to budge just the slightest bit. It amazed me how little tweaks in diet would get things moving again. Ever-so-slowly I did reach my target percentage by trusting in the system of “put good in, get good out”.
I got a little more than ‘good’ out as I stood on that stage with a group of other respected athletes and placed second in Bikini Diva Model – short division AND received my WBFF pro card. Accepting that pro card was one of the most humbling and best feelings ever. I cannot thank the WBFF enough for this amazing recognition and the doors of opportunity that lay ahead. I also thank my trainer, Rachel, for helping me realize how strong I really am and fueling my energy for self-confidence and motivation.”
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Or write to [email protected] for information on rates and availability.
TWO private personal training studios in Kansas City area:
3036 Gillham Rd. KCMO 64108
91st & Metcalf, Overland Park, KS (next to Whole Foods Market)
Or call 816-753-8900 and request to train with Rachel.
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