Transformation by Hitch Fit Transformation Trainer Sara Sutherland at Hitch Fit Gym in Kansas City!

Lifestyle Changes Propelled Callie to an AMAZING Bikini Bod!

Callie saw the amazing transformation of another Hitch Fit client, Heather, and was immediately inspired! When I first met her, I could tell that she was laser focused on her goal of a perfect bikini body that she could be happy with! She hit the ground running right away, focused on making proper nutrition decisions while not giving up her social life and found a way to get all of her workouts in during the week to completely transform in only 7 weeks! She is already an inspiration to others, I am so excited and proud to share her story with you!


Start: July 10, 2013at 134.2 lbs and 21.54% body fat
Finish: August 30, 2013 at 127.2 lbs and 15.94% body fat

Callie’s Story:

“I feel as if my story is like many others, in that others probably didn’t think I had much to change about myself. “You look fine.” “You don’t need to change anything.” I’ll let you in on a little secret: knowing how to dress for your body type, and “extra curves” goes a long way. BUT it wasn’t looking in the mirror in the right outfits that bothered me. It was looking in the mirror in a swimsuit, or in shorts and a sports bra. I wanted to look in the mirror at any point of the day in anything I wanted and feel confident. I grew up very active, played sports in high school, picked up long distance running in college and continued running after college. After graduation my free time seemed to dwindle between working full time and going back to school for my Masters. When I squeezed in workouts, even if it was for only 30 minutes, I felt like that was better than nothing. I became complacent with mediocre workouts because at least I was doing something. The older I had gotten the more my routine and habits seemed to affect my body differently. My efforts didn’t show and running was no longer enough. I needed a jumpstart to my lifestyle.

When I looked up Hitch Fit I first thought to myself do I really need this? Can’t you just get back to where you want to be on your own, without help? The answer was simple, I couldn’t because I didn’t know how. I needed guidance that neither I, nor Google believe it or not, could give. I needed someone to tell me exactly what I needed to do, and with the record Hitch Fit portrayed through all of their client’s success stories I bought into it. I decided this was the path for me.

Happiness, confidence, self-worth, acceptance, commitment and strength are all qualities I gained from completing a transformation with Hitch Fit. I had wanted a physical change but instead I got a complete lifestyle change. I began to notice this mentality about 2 weeks into the program and as soon as I did I embraced the change 100%. Hitch Fit gave me the tools to be successful in my workouts and actually see results. Hitch Fit helped me understand the connection between food and fuel for our bodies, something that seemed puzzling to me before. The motivation I got from Sara every time I came into Hitch Fit inspired me to continue on, and from the inspiration and encouragement I developed habits. The first consultation and workout with Hitch Fit created a domino effect, leading to physical changes, a healthier mentality, a change in habits, and most importantly an acceptance for myself, and what I am truly capable of achieving. I made the first step into Hitch Fit, but they shaped a chain reaction. This program has given me a sense of fulfillment and peace in my life, which in turn gives me such an optimistic view on life. That is priceless.”


*Photos by Brandi Wisdom
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