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Kansas City Fitness Client Gets Six Pack Abs and Competes with WBFF!
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Heather’s Story:
‘Wow! What a journey into self-discovery, growth, dedication and personal triumphs! I have been around the Hitch Fit and WBFF world for 2 years, as their makeup artist and I feel in love with the people! So committed and disciplined to fitness, everything I wasnt! I fell in love with the people, but I didnt feel like I fit in with them at all!
But last summer something clicked and I began to see myself as “maybe I could” “what would it be like” “I wonder what my body could do”. Lots of questions, so with my 35th birthday looming, I committed myself to try something “weird” and “different” and awesome!!
I started lifting weights consistently and got off the cardio machines! I was doing 90-120 min of cardio a day and I looked very soft and I couldnt get my body to budge from its plateau. Weights definitely are my thing! My body responded fast and I took it to the next level when I started working with Hitch Fit Trainer Rachel. We met for my plan of attack in December and I’m not gonna lie, the food scared me!! (Prior to that) I didn’t eat ANY vegetables, not much chicken or fish and too much of everything else, lol! After my initial freak out, I hit it hard, because I trusted Rachel and everything she said.
My husband, Frank Kent, looked at my plan as said “Well, it’ll be easier to do this if I do it with you” so Team Daniel-Kent was born! Sundays became food prep day, traveling became cooler extravaganzas and 830p became bed time! 6 months later we stepped on stage feeling incredible!! My physical transformation is what everyone else sees, but what i truly gained from this experience was A LOT of personal growth! I confronted a lot of past personal issues with my confidence, self worth, self image, my relationship with food, my respect for my body and I pushed right through them! I showed myself that I can be truly committed, disciplined and determined to achieve a “hard” goal!
This has been a truly breakthrough thought process, I gave it ALL I had and I will take that lesson into my business, my relationships and my marriage. Not a day goes by that woman all over the country dont message me about health, food, confidence, self esteem and fitness. The impact and the influence that I have been afforded is what this is all about! I am grateful for Rachel, helping to transform myself so that I can help pay it forward!”

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