Kansas City Man Sheds 50 Pounds of Fat at Hitch Fit Gym Personal Training

Hitch Fit Gym has two private personal training studios in the Kansas City area:

Downtown/Midtown Kansas City – 3036 Gillham Rd. KCMO 64108

Overland Park, KS at 91st & Metcalf next to Whole Foods Market.

To work with one of the Hitch Fit TRANSFORMATION Personal Trainers at either location call 816-753-8900 or write to [email protected] for details on rates and how our programs work.

Not in the Kansas City area? Visit www.HitchFit.com for Online Personal Training programs available worldwide.

Clay shed 50 pounds at Hitch Fit Personal Training Gym!


Clay’s Story:
“So… Testimonial time, what to write? I guess I should start by saying that the whole reason I made the decision to do my transformation with HitchFit is because my wife Heather Morales had went through the transformation program. She is my inspiration and motivation. She was also a life saver helping me prepare my food daily throughout the program. I saw how great she looked during her weight loss and I’m not going to lie it bummed me out about myself a little bit seeing her getting buff. I wish that I would’ve been on the same page as her to help her out when she was HitchFitting it up instead of riding the couch lifting cans of beer. At any rate it’s never too late!
September was a pretty busy month for our little family we had just bought a house and moved in and in addition to working full time, plus overtime I was taking advantage of my employer’s tuition reimbursement plan. The class I had been taking was split during the course of a semester and the second part of the course just happened to be cancelled about two weeks before it was to start. I had a little chunk of change coming back to me and I had already been kicking around the idea of doing Hitch Fit since I knew that it really worked for Heather and fast! I asked my wife if I should get ahold of her trainer and get going and she told me she just wanted me to be happy and do what I needed to do! Voila my journey had begun. I can say before I started training that I had reached an all time high score of 225lbs on the scale which actually was an all time low in life. I never really was an athletic kid; I just rode my bike and ran around the neighborhood and maybe a season of soccer and bantam league baseball. I picked up the guitar instead of sports and that was my thing when I was a kid which led to being in and out of bands which led to drinking and partying and pretending I was living like a real rocker! (Not that playing guitar or being a musician means you automatically have to do all that).I was a pretty skinny kid growing up so I never really worried about staying fit, working out or what I was eating. I had some kind of problem with authority so even in high school I never came close to playing sports, because, I didn’t want to be “coached”. Well eventually my poor eating habits and consumption of alcohol caught up with me and while I was still living with my folks and wanted go to community college I looked in the mirror and noticed I had put on weight in a bad way, I couldn’t go back to school like that! Every day after work I hit the treadmill and just sweat it off in a hoodie until I got back down to a comfortable weight. That was my first scare but, I still really didn’t change my diet or stop boozing it up. I only really remember lifting weights with one of my band-mates before every rehearsal so we could be like metal buff n’stuff but, it was actually at that point in time that I took an interest in martial arts. The gym where we were lifting at had an MMA program but, a friend of mine suggested before I try it that I should try training traditional martial arts with the guys he trained with. I pretty much gave zero care about general fitness until I started doing kung fu and tai chi with some crazy guys at the Nelson Atkins Museum and saw that these guys were smoking me in our workouts. My love for martial arts spread into wanting to learn more styles and systems and getting into doing judo and some Brazilian jiu jitsu and actually attempting to get fit and get involved in sports that were also art! Ok so even that didn’t get me to change my daily habits I should say my nutrition and daily eating habits. Even before I started HitchFit I knew that diet was key I just never took the time or put the effort in to do anything about it. So I met my wife in 2009, I believe ,and as it goes after being together a while and getting comfortable and getting married and moving into our new home and going to school part time while working full time plus overtime, the excuses to not train and not eat right kept rolling in. I figured I was happy and content, and who did I have to impress? Until I started feeling sluggish and weak and it was hard to bend over and tie my shoes because I had so much belly in the way. Oh and I have this hot wife who’s all HitchFit buff walking around the house! My weight had gone up again and it was higher than it was the first time it had gotten out of hand when I was 23 going to community college. This time it felt worse too because even only being 33 I could just feel the difference and knew it would be harder to work off. So here we are back to the beginning of my HitchFit journey. So I messaged my trainer and asked him if I could start on a Monday and we did and the first workout killed me. I think he had me pushing the weight sled across the parking lot or something ha-ha. Well week by week the strength training and the cardio and the eating clean paid off and I gradually felt stronger and faster and just better in general. I will say for me that preparing food for the week and keeping on top of it is definitely the hardest part especially because I have a sweet tooth and drink. But, accountably is probably the biggest thing that I’ve learned recently. I think it’s kind of taken me a while to just grow up and take responsibility for myself and my actions and the things I’m putting in my body and the things that I want to spend my life doing. I look at my transformation with HitchFit as just a piece of the puzzle in trying to round myself out and become a better person and find balance in life. Eating better and taking care of your body and holding yourself accountable in your fitness really does ring through to other aspects in life. If you’re healthier you’re happier and it makes you want to stay active and do positive things. Not only was I holding myself accountable but, I knew I had to step on the scale every week and I didn’t want to let Sean down by being a pound over what I was the week before. Now I can’t say that I did everything perfect or that I wasn’t dogging it during some of the work outs but, I showed up every session and put in the work. I’m also not going to say that I’m never going to have another beer or scoop of ice cream or piece of pizza again and that I’m going to train like an animal every single day but again, it comes back to finding that balance. Everything in moderation including moderation! My trainer was great and pushed me in my work outs every session. The work outs were serious but, we were still laughing and having a good time so I didn’t feel like someone was breathing down my neck barking orders at me. I definitely know that in the bummed out dark place I was going before I started my transformation that there’s no way I could’ve done it on my own especially in as short as a sixteen week period. My trainer was always giving me tips and pointers on what to do to enjoy the food that was on my meal plan and how to prep it. As far as maintenance goes I’m not even going to look at it as maintenance I’m going to try and just keep getting better. When I first started and getting healthy and feeling right again was off in the distance I had to set tiny goals for myself week to week and some weeks it was hard and kind of a bummer to not see the immediate results that I wanted to see. Well being fit isn’t in the distant future anymore I can see where I want to be everyday that I look in the mirror and now I know the things I need to do to get there. So I’m just going to keep setting goals, ride my bike, swim, lift weights, run, do some judo and jiu jitsu and just keep on going!”
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TWO private training studio locations available in the Kansas City area:
3036 Gillham Rd (Downtown/Midtown KC), KCMO 64108
91st & Metcalf, next to Whole Foods Market, Overland Park, KS
Or write to [email protected] for information on rates and how our programs work!
Not in Kansas City? Visit www.HitchFit.com for information on Online Personal Training programs available worldwide.
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