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Emily’s Story:

I truly do not even know where to begin in writing my HitchFit testimonial because this experience has encompassed so much awesomeness. I suppose I should start at the beginning of my transformation – just a short four months ago when I knew I was overweight but didn’t quite realize how much I had let my health get away from me. I did know, however, that I wasn’t happy when I looked in the mirror or tried on clothes, and I definitely wasn’t happy when I saw photos of myself. My best friend since childhood, Tia, was in a similar state and mentioned that a coworker had been successful with HitchFit and that there was a Groupon available so we could see what it was all about. I won’t lie, when I heard the market value for the full transformation program, I did not believe that we would end up going to any more than those two sessions, but I was all for giving it a try. I don’t even remember what we did with our AWESOME trainer, Mica Lovell, those first two sessions – they were sets of exercises comparatively miniscule to the ones we ended up doing by the end of the program. What I do remember is thinking, “This is it. We have to make this work somehow because it’s going to be a game changer.” Thankfully, my Partner in Crime for life, Tia, was on the same page and we budgeted the money and time it would take to make this journey.

Let me tell you, it took a lot of time, a lot of hard work, and a lot of mental power, especially in the beginning. There were days when I wondered why I was working so hard because I felt like I should be seeing more results more quickly. Then again, there were days where I felt like the most powerful woman on earth. Mica worked with us every step of the way, ensuring we knew where our nutritional goals needed to be, creating exercises for us to do on our own, and just being there for support and encouragement. I travel pretty frequently for work which made my schedule difficult to work with at times. Also, Tia works overnights as a nurse. Thus, we all three had very different schedules to work with, but we all made it work, and I’m very thankful for their flexibility during my travel weeks.

Working with Mica at Hitch Fit was basically therapy for me as well. Shortly after beginning the transformation, I was completely heartbroken when my now ex-boyfriend decided to end our relationship. It was the type of event that would have probably triggered a lot of sleeping and binge eating had I not already started my transformation journey. Instead, I found that I was putting all of the anger and sadness I felt into my workouts and meal preparation. And…I found that there is a lot of truth to the Elle Woods wisdom surrounding exercise and endorphins – the tears don’t come as easily when you’re running the stairs at Liberty Memorial like a modern day Rocky. And, to tell you the truth, it felt pretty bad-ass to have an improved body when I ran into him a couple of months into the program.

It must be said that I was very lucky to have someone by my side every step of this journey. Tia and I applied the philosophies of our friendship to our transformations by cheering each other on, lifting each other up when one was feeling discouraged, and just by setting a faster pace when one was lacking energy during a cardio session. I don’t think either of us ever felt like one was holding the other back – rather we empowered each other to work harder at the things the other excelled at. Tia does sit ups like a boss – I still count myself lucky when I get my back off of the ground at all, but I saw her doing them with ease and wanted to get to that point, so that made me work harder. Push-ups came a little easier to me, and I think that also encouraged Tia to keep going with her sets.

I don’t want to put all of the focus on the exercise, though. This involves so much more than that, namely the nutrition aspect. It truly is a lifestyle change, and, as I’ve already mentioned, it’s not necessarily an easy change to make. Going from a high sugar, high fat, and frequent fast-food diet to a high protein, low fat, zero added sugar, mostly home cooked diet can be a definite shock to the system, but it’s a shock my body truly needed. As a long time sufferer of frequent migraines, one of the best benefits of this lifestyle change has been a huge decrease of this frequency. I think I’ve had one, maybe two, migraines in the past 4 months. That by itself is enormous progress. Furthermore, I by and large feel better: I have more energy, my hair and skin feel healthier, and has become significantly easier to make smart choices on the food I decide to feed my body. I also cook almost every day, and, when I have to travel, I have found ways to cook in bulk and travel with food so that it is easy to make healthy choices – and I don’t have to rely on restaurants or fast-food.

I honestly could talk about my amazing experience all day long, but I will close this by saying you get back what you put in, and Hitch Fit is worth going all in for because ultimately you’re going all in for yourself.”


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